Join the fight against climate change

This year, give the gift of climate impact. Remove CO₂ from the air in the names of your friends, family and colleagues.

  • Permanently remove CO₂ from the air
  • Give a unique gift with climate impact
  • Help the world reach net zero emissions

Climate Pioneers. Join them and start fighting climate change.

Your contribution will fund the permanent removal of CO₂ from the air.

We use a method called “direct air capture” to remove CO₂ from the air.

We use powered fans to draw air into a collector the size of a shipping container. A highly selective filter captures the carbon dioxide, letting the clean air flow through.

Climeworks collector filtering air

Choose the gift of climate impact

Inspire climate action this holiday! Remove CO₂ from the air in the names of your friends and family members.

We need direct air capture to keep global warming below 1.5° C

Emission reductions are essential, but they're not enough.
Recent climate studies found that in order to achieve climate targets, we must not only reduce emissions, but also actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We need more trees, but all the trees in the world won't solve the problem alone.
We don't have the space, and we don't have the time. Direct air capture is scalable and can remove CO₂ much more quickly. We need trees, and we urgently need direct air capture.

Climate scientists agree that scaling direct air capture will help us reach net zero emissions by 2050.
Direct air capture must remove between 5 and 30 billion tons of CO₂ annually to meet emissions targets. We're not there yet, but your subscription will help us scale up before it's too late.

Special Report: Global Warming of 1.5 °C. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Our work has been covered in most major news publications

"On a barren lava plateau in Iceland, a new facility is sucking in air and stashing the carbon dioxide in rock. The next step: Build 10,000 more."

"It is a straightforward chemical reaction: taking the carbon dioxide that is causing global warming out of the air and tucking it away where it can do little harm."

“Its 11 tons of carbon captured each day are the forerunner of an enterprise which, if models are right and pledges are adhered to, will grow a millionfold in the next half-century.”

“Climeworks is working to expand a much-needed solution to climate change. Carbon removal has a lot of potential to help slow climate change, and Climeworks makes it easy to feel like you can make a difference.”

- Francesca, Climate Pioneer

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How you can make an impact

When you become a Climate Pioneer, you enable us to operate and construct large-scale direct air capture and storage so we can permanently remove CO₂ from the air. Scaling CO₂ removal capacity is urgently needed to achieve net zero global emissions. With your contribution, we can keep working toward this goal, and you can have an individual impact on the climate by removing CO₂ from the air.

Choose how much CO₂ you want to remove

Become a Climate Pioneer and help us stop global warming by removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Choose your commitment level and start removing CO₂.
Start your climate journey and join the movement. For every month you subscribe, we'll remove 30 kg of CO₂.
per month
Reduce your carbon footprint and remove unavoidable emissions. For every month you subscribe, we’ll remove 50 kg of CO₂.
per month
Special Expedition
Special Expedition
Help us scale our technology to unlock future plants. For every month you subscribe, we’ll remove 100 kg of CO₂.
per month
Custom Plan
Custom Plan
Flexible to suit you: choose your amount, frequency, and individual or company plan here.

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Our machines are powered entirely by renewable energy

And they're designed to run as efficiently as possible. A German university assessed our machines and found that they're 90% efficient. That means a typical Climeworks plant re-emits less than 10% of the carbon dioxide it captures. We're working to cut that number to only 4% in a few years. 

Orca first large-scale direct air capture and storage plant

Many of the world’s top businesses use Climeworks as part of their climate strategy. 

We help leading companies reach their sustainability goals by removing past and present CO₂ emissions from the air. 

Many companies aspire to go a step further by removing more CO₂ than they emit, and Climeworks can help toward this goal too. Join them today and help us achieve a global net zero before it’s too late.