#ChangeClimate is the new #ClimateChange

As simple and powerful as shifting two words, we need to change our perspective to be able to change the climate. A small shift in our perspectives can make all the difference in starting to build solutions today, for a better tomorrow. We can create a positive mindset about the challenge at hand and together open a journey of progress, not perfection. A journey filled with actions to positively change the climate.

The climate is changing, and so is the tech

We build and operate machines which remove CO₂ from the air, powered 100% by renewable energy. With our storage partner Carbfix, the captured CO₂ is turned into stone and stored deep underground, permanently.

Why do we need to remove and store CO₂? The most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report made it clear that if humanity wants to achieve net-zero global emissions by mid-century, limiting global warming to 1.5°C and eventually go net-negative after 2050, first we must drastically reduce emissions, and second, we must remove CO₂ from the air. That's where our technology comes in and plays an important role.

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Change the climate by choosing how much CO₂ you want to remove

To see change, we must show solutions and with Climeworks the fight against climate change becomes accessible to all. Choose the subscription that best suits your lifestyle and start changing the climate today by removing CO₂ from the air on a monthly basis.
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Permanently remove 100 kg of CO₂ every month
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Permanently remove 50 kg of CO₂ every month
/ monthly
Permanently remove 30 kg of CO₂ every month
/ monthly
As flexible as your life: Choose different amounts, yearly plans, and company plans here.
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Why should I opt for a Climeworks subscription?

Climate change is happening all around us. But there's still hope to change the climate, positively and permanently. Our technology is the only carbon removal tech service for individuals, plus it is permanent, measurable, efficient, and natural.



You are removing excess and legacy CO₂ emissions from the air, means you are removing emissions forever.



In your account, you can see the exact amount of CO₂ you requested each year.



Requires small land and water usage and it's 100% powered by renewable energy.



The captured CO₂ goes through rapid mineralization to become stone, a safe and naturally occurring process.

Still unsure? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Is it safe for the environment to store CO₂ in the ground?

The pioneering process of turning carbon dioxide into stone is safe as it reproduces a natural process. It happens through a combination of carbon dioxide capture from the air and rapid underground mineralization. Climeworks’ CO₂ storage partner Carbfix monitors the injection well network, the impact of the operations on the reservoir host, and verifies the mineralization process of injected CO₂.

How does Climeworks remove the CO₂ I have subscribed for and how long does it take?

Once you subscribe, we will perform the CO₂ removal within 6 years or earlier, depending on the utilization and operation schedule of our plants.

Do I get some sort of certificate?

Yes, you do! In your account, you will find your CO₂ removal order confirmation as a PDF document. Here we state the amount of carbon dioxide that has been ordered in your name. No one else can put a claim to that amount.

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