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To make your gift a success, we provide you with all the necessary material to inform your employees about their gift. The text and images below can be used in your communications towards your internal stakeholders.

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About Climeworks

Climeworks wants to reverse climate change by restoring a healthy balance of CO₂. With the direct air capture technology, they capture carbon dioxide directly from the air and combine this with the permanent underground storage process developed by Icelandic company Carbfix. 

Climeworks how it works

Some facts

  • 150+ Climeworkers
  • Headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Subsidiary in Cologne, Germany and Hellisheiði, Iceland
  • Raised more than USD 150 million equity and grants 

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How our technology works

Air is drawn into a collector with a fan, and CO₂ is captured on a filter. To take out the CO₂, the filter is heated so the CO₂ falls off and then we can store it permanently.  

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Why direct air capture?

The climate is changing - and it is already taking a measurable toll. Scientists agree: we need many carbon dioxide removal solutions working together to keep global heating to safe levels.

In recent years, climate science has experienced a paradigm shift recognizing that drastic emission reductions alone will not be sufficient. Within only a few decades, we need to achieve a net-zero emissions balance.

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About the gift

Carbon dioxide will be permanently removed from the air in your employees’ names. Your employees activate the gift on our website and optionally choose to increase their impact. In their personal dashboard, they can download their carbon dioxide removal confirmation.

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Carbon dioxide removal confirmation PDF