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Restore the planet this Earth Day

For over a hundred years, carbon has been extracted from the Earth’s core, releasing excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, instigating climate change. It can be overwhelming not knowing how to help, but we can restore the planet together.

In April, let's empower everyone to let the planet breathe by removing carbon dioxide from the air. You can support the planet's recovery whilst also helping to combat global warming by subscribing to the planet and choosing Earth Day every day. Restore the planet, remove CO₂. 

Be an Earth champion this Earth Day

Subscribe to the planet this Earth Day by taking a monthly CO₂ removal subscription. Every kilogram of CO₂ removed, is a kilogram of CO₂ which no longer contributes to global warming. You can fight climate change by helping us scale our technology on a monthly basis. Be an Earth champion this Earth Day, remove CO₂.
Start your climate journey and join the movement. For every month you subscribe, we’ll remove 20 kg of CO₂. 
per month
Reduce your carbon footprint and remove unavoidable emissions. For every month you subscribe, we’ll remove 40 kg of CO₂. 
per month
Special Expedition
Special Expedition
Help us scale our technology to unlock future plants. For every month you subscribe, we’ll remove 80 kg of CO₂. 
per month
Custom Plan
Custom Plan
Flexible to suit you: choose your amount, frequency, and individual or company plan here.

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Let's put CO₂ back in the ground

Why is there too much carbon in the air? Carbon dioxide is released naturally by plants and animals, and when they die, their carbon matter becomes part of the Earth's surface, forming layers of rock. The carbon in this rock would not usually be released, but unfortunately humans have been digging it up at an alarming rate to use as fossil fuels.

However, with direct air capture and storage technology (ie CO₂ removal), we can begin to restore the Earth's surface by removing legacy CO₂ emissions from the air and put them back in the ground, forever, just as it happens in nature. Read more about CO₂ storage in rock below:

How does our direct air capture technology work?

Our collectors capture CO₂ in a two-step process. First, air is drawn into the collectors with a fan that captures the carbon dioxide on the surface of the highly selective filter material. Then the temperature in the collector rises to between 80-100°C / 176-212°F - releasing the high purity and concentrated carbon dioxide that we can now collect. See it in action in this video:

What are the benefits of CO₂ removal?

Direct air capture technology combined with storage (DAC+S) is a complementary approach to nature-based solutions. However, this solution is unique when compared with other carbon dioxide removal solutions, due to these points of difference:



You go one step further than compensation, you are removing emissions from the air, forever.



On your personalized dashboard, you can see how much CO₂ we remove in your name.



Small land and water usage, powered by 100% renewable energy and highly scalable.

What does CO₂ look like in kg?

We often don't realize how much CO₂ is produced by the objects we use in our daily lives. All objects and many of our daily activities generate more CO₂ than we think, let's see some of them:

Young women sitting in a restaurant
Mobile phone use

35 kg is generated by mobile phone use for 10 hours, about 3.5 kg per hour

Outdoor shower
Hot shower

12 kg is generated for an hour-long hot shower, about 2 kg every 10 minutes

Father and daughter cooking
Average meal

31.5 kg is generated by meals in one week, assuming 3 meals a day of approx. 600 cal

Source: Clever Carbon

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Climeworks' direct air capture technology work?

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Give the planet a gift this Earth Day

Not keen on a monthly subscription? You can also make a one-time payment in the form of a gift. Simply choose from our gifts or go customized to suit your lifestyle. Our gifts are not only for loved ones, but also for the planet!

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