Climeworks AG and Antecy B.V. are joining forces, boosting technology portfolio

News | 05.09.2019

Climeworks AG and Antecy B.V. join forces

Climeworks AG, Switzerland and Antecy B.V., the Netherlands share the same goal of removing climate-relevant amounts of CO₂ from the atmosphere and joining forces renders this goal more achievable. The combination of their technologies will result in even more powerful solutions for both carbon dioxide removal, as well as direct air capture and CO₂ utilization.

The two direct air capture companies have been discussing a collaboration since mid-2018 and in April 2019, an agreement was reached to join forces and fully merge teams, technology development, brands and business activities. Antecy’s relevant assets have been acquired by Climeworks and the business activities of both Antecy and Climeworks will be conducted through Climeworks AG, Switzerland. Joining forces strengthens and broadens the Climeworks technology portfolio, and will speed up the further development of Climeworks’ direct air capture technology.

“We are delighted about this joint undertaking and strongly believe that the combination of our technologies will result in even more powerful products for both carbon dioxide removal, as well as direct air capture and CO₂ utilization”, says Antecy's Managing Director Paul O'Connor.

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