Climate-positive friends

We are so lucky to have the support of passionate people. You inspire us every day! We try to spread this inspiration and get more and more people onboard to reverse climate change. We hope that sharing the stories of our community motivates you as well!

Brian Sapient

I was inspired to help Climeworks because I want to ensure that my carbon offsets are meaningful and permanent.

 In 50 years Climeworks will be known as one of the main reasons that we managed to avert human extinction. Planting trees isn't enough especially as the planet warms and forest fires accelerate. We must reverse our carbon output and Climeworks is a life saver.

 My life is dedicated to thwarting climate change. From investing in climate companies, building a net-zero passive house, driving a solar powered EV, not flying, staying/shopping local, and maintaining my own garden, I do my best to keep my carbon footprint extremely low. I donate to Climeworks to help offset my small carbon footprint.

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Brian Sapient, USA, Money Manager specializing in green investing, Golf, basketball, yoga, and hiking

Justin Guay

It’s not enough to do no harm we need to begin to actively repair and restore the giant superfund sute in the sky. I was really intrigued by the notion of going negative especially because traditional offsets are really just a scam. So I wanted to try it out and inspire others to do something radically new and important.

 I think companies like Climeworks will be instrumental in helping us avoid climate chaos. We will overshoot our emissions trajectories and we’re going to need to do a serious clean-up. Climeworks will have been a pioneer in building out the technologies and business models that will enable us to do this at scale when we desperately need it.

 From my personal end, I have electrified my house and car to completely get rid of oil and gas and run on sunshine. The next step I could see to take to clean up my own personal impact was to not avoid doing harm but to actively restore the atmosphere.

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Justin Guay

Rachel Wong

In addition to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and general decarbonization of all of our infrastructure, there is a need to get to a point of true negative emissions, with carbon capture and storage as one of the pathways to get there.

 I don't love imagining what the world will look like in 50 years, but continuing to undo the damage that we've done and getting to a point where we can deploy these technological solutions at scale would be great. CCS should not be a means of further enabling the oil and gas industry.

My day job targets trying to deploy energy efficiency, building decarbonization, and climate resilience in the most streamlined way possible. That, I think, is my main impact.

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Rachel Wong, USA, Associate University Engineer for a university system, reading & boxing

Nathalie Casas

I think one of the biggest challenge mankind is facing is climate change. Climeworks gives me the opportunity to use my knowhow, skills and energy to be part of the solution. Furthermore, Climeworks has a wonderful team which inspires me every day and makes work enjoyable.  

I want to thank our subscribers for their trust and contribution. Every day we give our best so that everyone has the opportunity to be part of the solution. Together we can make a difference and reverse climate change.

This motivates me to give my best every day. It also strengthens my belief that together we can stop climate change. The challenge is huge and we all have to pull together.

Nathalie Casas, Climeworks, Switzerland, Head R&D

Ruth Garcia

To contribute to the fast development of such technology, investigating materials that can efficiently achieve something as challenging as extracting CO2 from air is exciting.

Individual actions are of great importance, each one of the contributions to remove CO2 from the air counts. In the end, many small actions can add up to a huge impact.

It is amazing how many people support and believe in Climeworks. All these people give credit to my daily work and motivate us to keep going.

Ruth Garcia, Climeworks, Switzerland, Development Chemist

Dr Jennifer Rudd

I did my PhD in Basel and so I have a soft spot for Switzerland and Swiss Innovation. I also work as an academic in the field of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) and find it very inspiring to find a company carrying out carbon capture on such a large scale.

I’d love to think that in 50 years we wouldn’t need Climeworks anymore because as a global population we’ve learnt to balance the carbon budget. However, I realise that that is wishful thinking as the global leadership has been too slow to react to the climate crisis. I would like to see Climeworks as a global leader in dropping emissions but I’d also like to view it as a moral leader, where the company uses its platform to advocate for a multitude of low-carbon lifestyle changes such as no longer burning fossil fuels, significantly decreased air travel, economies driven by the wellbeing of its citizens rather than GDP, businesses invested in circular economies rather than advocating a throw-away society.

Whilst I work in the lab on CCUS, and you can see a talk I gave here. I’m moving into more climate change communication and trying to answer the question “Can we teach about climate change in a way that effects behavioural change?” To answer this I lead a project called “You and CO2” which teaches climate change to students age 12-15 using a mixture of traditional science education and creative writing. It’s a really exciting project and you can read more about it on our website.
We’d be really excited to work with teachers outside of the UK to build up a global picture of how students engage with climate change mitigation behaviours.

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Dr Jennifer Rudd, Wales, Chemist growing food and then baking chocolate + vegetable cake and parenting

Bernhard Fradl

I have never before worked with such a cool and inspiring group of people so dedicated to a common purpose and if everything goes well and the stars align Climeworks might very well save the planet.

After thanking our pioneers, many times, I would ask what their dedication is and what they aspire in life as our subscribers simply must be very cool and inspiring people as well.

It makes me immensely proud that people believe in us and that they share that dedication to our planet.

Bernhard Fradl, Climeworks, ICT & Process Manager

Jeremiah Lee

I was skeptical of carbon offset offerings before learning about direct air capture. Climeworks changed my mind with its verifiable offering. When I read that a Climeworks collector could capture more CO₂ than trees in the same land area, it seemed like science fiction—but that's what revolutionary technology feels like when you first encounter it.

In 50 years, I hope businesses are required to pay for capturing the CO₂ produced by their activity. I hope carbon capture is an expense incorporated into the manufacturing cost of all products and reported on packaging, similar to energy efficiency ratings or food nutrition facts today. While reducing carbon emission is critical, carbon capture technology will be a vital counter to unavoidable emissions. Climeworks is leading the creation of this essential climate infrastructure.

I have taken steps to reduce my carbon emissions by eating a mostly vegan diet, not owning a car, and buying less, but I still love to travel. My Climeworks subscription helps me feel less guilty about flying.

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Jeremiah Lee, Sweden, engineering manager

John-Paul Bader

I am quite concerned for the environment. The horrendous outlook for the planet if mankind isn't doing enough about global warming made me look into my own lifestyle and what I can effectively do to reduce my own CO2 footprint. After a lot of research and reading the Stripe blogpost about their ambitions to be carbon negative, CO2 sequestration seemed a very plausible way. Climeworks seemed the only option for me as the other companies in the field are funded by major oil corporations.

Ideally it would be a household name for environmental innovations. A lot can happen in 50 years and I'd be glad if Climeworks had a significant impact in keeping the planet habitable for humans.

There is an open research letter which lists the most effective ways of saving CO2 which has a nice overview on page 4 which inspired me to: Not travel by plane unless no other options exist. Last year I didn't fly at all and travelled to my sailing vacation in Italy by train. I'm lucky because I have multiple regional markets around me in Berlin so I don't go to supermarkets and create a lot less trash. I've reduced my meat and milk consumption and I ride my bicycle 95% of the time instead of driving around in cars. I have a green power provider; I buy stuff used rather than new when applicable. When I buy new stuff I try to go for the most environmentally friendly and sustainable option and I'm a Climeworks subscriber.

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John-Paul Bader, Germany, Programmer/Backend Developer, playing guitar