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Porsche Schweiz AG x Climeworks: A step towards a better future

Key take-aways

  • Porsche Schweiz AG aims to reduce its CO₂ emissions by removing 9.11 tons of carbon dioxide through its collaboration with Climeworks.

  • Through Climeworks' direct air capture technology, carbon dioxide can be directly removed from the atmosphere. Once captured, their Icelandic CO₂ mineralization partner Carbfix stores the CO₂ deep underground where it mineralizes and is thus locked away for thousands of years.

  • With Climeworks' direct air capture technology, 9.11 tons of carbon dioxide will be permanently removed thanks to Porsche Schweiz AG's involvement.

Climeworks x Porsche
Porsche Schweiz AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. As Porsche importer, Porsche Schweiz AG looks after the dealer network with 14 Porsche Centres and 5 Porsche Service Centres in Switzerland.

What is direct air capture?

Climeworks' direct air capture (DAC) technology is one of the key technological solutions to fight climate change. It captures CO₂ directly from the air, reducing the atmospheric concentration of CO₂ by only using renewable energy, energy-from-waste, or other waste heat as energy sources.

How does it work?

It's a two-step process

  1. Air is drawn in through a fan located inside the collector. Once sucked in, it passes through a filter located inside the collector which traps the carbon dioxide particles.

  2. When the filter is completely full of CO₂, the collector closes, and the temperature rises to about 100°C — the same temperature it takes to boil water for a cup of tea! This causes the filter to release the CO₂ so Climeworks can finally collect it.

Carbon dioxide removal as a service

Climeworks offers carbon dioxide removal for individuals and businesses who want to fight climate change. With their service, anyone can take action on behalf of the planet by permanently removing their unavoidable CO₂ emissions.

To achieve this, Climeworks combines their direct air capture technology with permanent underground storage (direct air capture & storage = DAC+S) at their Orca facility in Hellisheidi, Iceland.

Direct air capture, as the term implies, is a technology that captures carbon dioxide directly from the air. Permanent underground storage is what happens after Climeworks hands the air-captured CO₂ over to their partners at Carbfix. They transport the CO₂ deep underground, where it reacts with basalt rock through a natural process, transforms into stone, and remains for over 10,000 years. This makes Climeworks' carbon dioxide removal service both effective and permanent.

Direct air capture and storage (DAC+S) as one of the most promising carbon removal solutions

There are many more carbon removal solutions available. Some are technological, like DAC+S, and some are nature-based, like afforestation, i.e., planting trees, which work to enhance our planet’s natural carbon sinks. There are pros and cons to all the available solutions, and they must be carefully evaluated as a matter of urgency: including how to scale them up and best use them in the fight against climate change. Because the fact is, we need all solutions to work together to maximize our chances of succeeding — nature and technology hand in hand.

But why are we particularly excited about DAC+S? As a carbon removal solution, DAC+S has great potential. It’s safe, scalable, permanent, measurable, efficient, and natural.



The carbon dioxide is safely stored by, for example, turning it into stone through natural processes.


It goes further than compensation: removing CO₂ emissions from the air, forever.


Modular plant design, low-temperature heat, and minimal land footprint make it highly scalable.


You can see the exact amount of CO₂ we'll remove in your name on your personal dashboard.


With minimal land and water usage, this is one of the most efficient carbon dioxide removal approaches.


The removed CO₂ goes through rapid mineralization to become stone: a safe and natural process.

Lead the race toward net zero

High-quality carbon removal for your climate strategy via Climeworks' direct air capture and storage (DAC+S) technology.

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