Earth Month challenge:
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This April, it is all about restoring our earth and capturing as much CO₂ as possible. Together. #ClimeworksTeamEarth
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Climate Pioneers

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The challenge

For every CO₂ removal you take within WheezyWaiter's team, your team receives one point. The team that has the most points at the end of April wins. Let's do this: Act now, remove CO₂.

"I want to do everything I can to help the world reach net-zero emissions for my daughter, for the WheezyWaiter community, and for the world. I’m honored that we get to be part of Climeworks’ effort to save our future."

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Your reward

If WheezyWaiter's team wins, he promised to do a duet on his second channel. He will organise a poll where you can choose the song. But that's not all: In addition, we will raffle ten boxes of climate socks from Dillysocks among the winning team. And of course, you are contributing to restoring planet earth by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Earth Month challenge board 

For every CO₂ removal you take, your team receives one point, moving you up the Earth Month challenge board. It's all about removing excess CO₂ and making this Earth Day truly revolve around earth. Act now!



"I want to do everything I can to help the world reach net-zero emissions for my daughter, for the WheezyWaiter community, and for the world."



SciShow explores the unexpected. They delve into the scientific subjects that defy their expectations and make us even more curious!



MinuteEarth is a team made up of scientists, writers, and illustrators working together to foster a love for science and better stewardship of our planet through short and engaging illustrated science videos.


Ashley Anita

"I'm so excited to be collaborating with Climeworks during Earth Month in support of their cause to fight climate change, restore a healthy balance of CO₂ and create a healthier planet."


Join team WheezyWaiter by removing CO₂ from the air

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What is Earth Day? 

On April 22 the world celebrates Earth Day and honors the achievements of the environmental movement but also raises awareness of the need to protect planet earth. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970: A U.S. senator from Wisconsin organized a nationwide demonstration to bring attention to environmental issues.

This year we want to raise awareness to one of the biggest challenges the earth is facing currently: the huge amount of CO₂ in our atmosphere.

How does Climeworks' technology contribute?

On the image you can see Orca, our world’s first and largest direct air capture and storage plant, which captures CO₂. How? A large amount of air is pulled into the collectors with a fan that captures the carbon dioxide on the surface of the highly selective filter material. This filtered CO₂ is then heated and can then be permanently stored underground in the form of stone.

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Orca first large-scale direct air capture and storage plant

Earth Month challenge FAQ 

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