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  • Every year, 22 April marks Earth Day, a day dedicated to spreading both awareness and effective positive action for the planet’s environment.
  • The theme of Earth Day 2022 is ‘Investing in our Planet’, spreading the idea that a greener future will also be a prosperous one, with more sustainable business practices and more conscious companies.
  • Individuals can join together to make their voices heard, using this day to ensure that key environmental issues are heard around the world.
  • For years, we have pulled carbon from her core. Now it is time to put it back where it belongs. Restore the planet, team up with Climeworks and remove CO₂.

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The theme of Earth Day 2022 is ‘Investing in our Planet’

What is Earth Day?

Held annually on 22nd April, Earth Day is designed to allow the world to come together to show support for environmental protection. It can trace its roots back to the increased environmental consciousness that swept through America during the 1960s. This was largely spurred on by two key events: the publishing of Rachel Carson’s seminal work of environmental science, Silent Spring, in 1962 and the devastating Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969. 

Against this backdrop, and taking inspiration from the anti-war protest movement already in America, Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed holding a nationwide teach-in on college campuses. On April 22nd 1970 the event was held and Earth Day was created. Initially US-focussed, in 1990 Earth Day went global, with 200 million people across 141 countries taking part. 

How is Earth Day celebrated around the world?

Since 1970, Earth Day has retained this worldwide outlook, pushing the most pertinent environmental issues of the day each year it is held. In 2016, the landmark Paris Agreements were signed on Earth Day, and the event is now seen as the largest secular observance event in the world, marked by more than a billion people each year. 

Events commemorating Earth Day vary between countries, ranging from practical events such as mass tree plantings to presentations and workshops on how we can better protect the health of our planet. Each of these is united by the common theme of spreading awareness of key environmental issues on a global scale.

Earth Day 2022

The theme for Earth Day 2022 is Invest In Our Planet. This is centered around the idea that a greener future for Earth will also be a prosperous future, meaning that more sustainable business practices do not always result in reduced profit margins.

Crucial to this is the role of businesses around the world, especially large enterprises that require enormous amounts of resources to function. As studies have shown, the notion that introducing sustainability to how a business operates is a surefire way to bring down share prices is outdated. 

In fact, the opposite is now true, with companies with the highest environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings outperforming those with the lowest. As a result, it now pays to become greener, something that will be vital to delivering the widespread global changes in business operations required to effectively tackle the climate crisis.

Alongside this we must also build the green economy, something that is also a feature of Earth Day 2022. This year’s event wants to stress the need for governmental incentives for citizens and businesses that will make operating in a more environmentally friendly not only ethical, but lucrative. 

Bringing together this message for Earth Day 2022 is the idea that individuals can combine to make their collective voices heard. Effective organisation is key to making sure key environmental issues are heard across the globe, with the event wanting to stress that we can all fight for a better future. 

We all have the power to make a difference. Restore the planet this Earth Day, become a Climate Pioneer today

We can all make our voices heard through the everyday choices we make, whether this is choosing to shop from specific brands or changing the way we travel. Team up with Climeworks and stand up for the planet this Earth Day: subscribe to the planet by taking a CO₂ removal subscription and help us restore the planet by fighting climate change on a monthly basis. Be an Earth champion this April, remove CO₂.

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