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Carbon Removal Summit

For its 5th edition the Direct Air Capture (DAC) Summit becomes the Climeworks Carbon Removal Summit.

Direct Air Capture Summit

The next Carbon Removal Summit will be held in Zurich on June 4th and 5th, 2024

While Climeworks remains a leader in direct air capture, we want to recognize the importance of a diversified approach when scaling carbon removal. Our advocacy for a portfolio strategy encourages companies to explore multiple high-quality, durable, and verifiable carbon removal solutions.

The Carbon Removal Summit is designed to embody this approach, showcasing our DAC innovations and an array of cutting-edge technologies that collectively contribute to a sustainable future.

Through dynamic keynote presentations, interactive discussions, and hands-on workshops, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the main levers driving the industry's scale-up, such as technology leadership, policy support, integrity, and market demand. The Summit will also allow Climeworks to present its latest projects and developments.

Dive into the keynotes and panel discussions from 2023

Our 2023 line-up

At the Climeworks Direct Air Capture Summit 2023 we heard from experts on the science and economics of direct air capture, discussed the role of corporations and governments and confirmed the importance of environmental justice and community engagement in scaling high-quality carbon removal solutions.

This was our exciting 2023 line-up of speakers and moderators:

We are honored and grateful for the excellent contributions of these speakers and moderators, the fantastic engagement of onsite and online guests and look forward to the next Summit.

Read the highlights of the Climeworks Direct Air Capture Summit 2023

Advancing high-quality carbon removal solutions
Climeworks' DAC Summit 2023 highlights

Read our highlights to learn what it takes to advance high-quality carbon removal solutions.

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About the Carbon Removal Summit

Held since 2020, the Climeworks Carbon Removal Summit (previously known as Direct Air Capture Summit) is a one-of-a-kind platform featuring business, technology, scientists, and policy experts committed to supporting the scale-up of durable, verifiable, high-quality carbon removal solutions.

Are you are interested in attending?

The summit is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please request an invitation and we will get back to you.

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