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Carbon Removal Summit

The fifth edition of Climeworks' annual flagship event took place from June 4-5 in Zurich.

About the Carbon Removal Summit

Held since 2020, the Climeworks Carbon Removal Summit (previously known as Direct Air Capture Summit) is a one-of-a-kind platform featuring business, technology, scientists, and policy experts from the carbon removal space.

The change of name for the fifth edition reflects Climeworks’ continued commitment to scale this market together with the carbon removal ecosystem to foster solutions that are of high quality and integrity: durable, additional, verifiable, and responsible.

Leading the race to zero

Hundreds of experts gathered in Zurich, Switzerland, from June 4-5 to discuss the levers needed to drive the scale-up of the industry. Or, in other words, how the private and public sectors can lead the race to zero.

Climeworks unveiled its Generation 3 technology live at the Carbon Removal Summit. Its filter material represents a breakthrough in efficiency and performance. It will be first deployed in the U.S. as part of Project Cypress and then replicated globally on secured project sites.

Hundreds of guests attended the fifth edition of Climeworks annual flagship event in Zurich.
Together with co-CEO Jan Wurzbacher, Climeworks' engineers introduced the Generation 3 technology with a model of the new cube design.

Dive into the keynotes and panel discussions from 2024

Our 2024 line-up

We were thrilled to welcome a distinguished panel of business, finance, science, and policy leaders acting as speakers and moderators:

We are honored and grateful for the excellent contributions of these speakers and moderators, the fantastic engagement of our guests, and look forward to the next occasions to inspire, connect, and accelerate action.

The best impressions of the Carbon Removal Summit 2024

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Advancing high-quality carbon removal solutions
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Lead the race toward net zero

High-quality carbon removal for your climate strategy.

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