“It's surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.”

Sir David Attenborough

4 reasons why climate supporters like you take action with Climeworks


Trees alone are not enough

We love trees and we need many more of them, but as leading scientists say: to achieve our 1.5°C goal, we also need technology solutions to remove CO₂ (Source: IPCC).


The CO₂ is permanently removed from the air

And put back underground where it can no longer contribute to climate change.


You can track your impact

You'll be able to measure precisely how much CO₂ we've removed in your name using your Climeworks dashboard.


You're helping to stop global warming

Your contributions help us scale our plants so we can fight global warming and help the world reach net zero emissions before it’s too late.

Choose your climate action plan

Become a Climate Pioneer and help us fight climate change by removing excess CO₂ from the air. Choose the subscription that best suits you or create a custom plan. Remove CO₂ with us every month or every year.
Start your climate journey and join the movement. For every month you subscribe, we’ll remove 20 kg of CO₂. 
per month
Reduce your carbon footprint and remove unavoidable emissions. For every month you subscribe, we’ll remove 40 kg of CO₂. 
per month
Special Expedition
Special Expedition
Help us scale our technology to unlock future plants. For every month you subscribe, we’ll remove 80 kg of CO₂. 
per month
Custom Plan
Custom Plan
Flexible to suit you: choose your amount, frequency, and individual or company plan here.

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First reduce, then remove

To mitigate climate change, we need all solutions to be working together. One measure alone is not enough.

We must do everything we can to reduce emissions and, on top of that, actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.



Carbon removal solutions are not an "easy way out". The first step to getting to net zero is do everything in our power to reduce our current emission levels. We must reduce and remove emissions.



We need to actively remove excess emissions. Plus, over the past few decades humanity has emitted so much CO₂ that the concentration in our atmosphere is too high. Solutions like Climeworks are key for permanent carbon removal.

How your contribution helps fight decades of climate-changing carbon emissions

We remove CO₂ using a technology called “direct air capture.” It captures CO₂ from the air and puts it deep underground where it can no longer contribute to climate change.

Climeworks operates the first commercial large-scale DAC plant.

Watch the video below to learn more about how it works.

Many of the world’s top businesses use Climeworks as a key partner to reach their climate goals

We help leading companies reach their sustainability goals by removing past and present unavoidable CO₂ emissions from the air. Join them today and help fight climate change.

Why direct air capture?

Because other solutions aren't enough on their own.

Climate action is experiencing a paradigm shift. The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently reported that reducing emissions alone won't be sufficient to meet the Paris Agreement's goal.

They said that the only way we can keep global warming below 1.5 °C is to actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Direct air capture is the most efficient andeffective way to remove carbon from the air.

Reducing emissions is crucial, but it's not enough.

Climeworks' direct air capture and storage plant, Orca

Why don’t we just plant more trees?

Firstly planting and protecting trees is absolutely essential in fighting climate change. Unfortunately, we have reached  a point where trees alone are not enough anymore because there is too much CO₂ in our atmosphere. That’s why we need more trees and technologies like direct air capture.

Here’s some more background:

  • Human impact on climate has led to droughts, wildfires, and deforestation that have affected the reliability and durability of the storage in trees and forests
  • A tree stores CO₂ over its lifetime (about 100 years on average). When it dies, its CO₂ is slowly and progressively released into the atmosphere as the tree decays
  • We need afforestation, but it can’t be scaled to the required levels as it requires much more water and surface area than can be provided
Orca first large-scale direct air capture and storage plant

Still have questions?

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