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Zendesk supports Climeworks' technology and signs carbon removal agreement

Key take-aways:

  • Customer service and sales software company Zendesk signs an agreement with Climeworks to permanently remove part of its unavoidable emissions via direct air capture and storage.

  • With this agreement, Zendesk sends an important signal for the much-needed scale-up of direct air capture as an innovative climate tech solution.

  • Today’s supply of high-quality carbon removal is limited and early adopters like Zendesk not only gain access, they also help to scale the carbon removal market through such agreements.

Climeworks' carbon dioxide removal service empowers Zendesk to permanently remove part of its unavoidable emissions
Climeworks' carbon dioxide removal service empowers Zendesk to permanently remove part of its unavoidable emissions

In order to limit global warming to 1.5°C, the world needs to reach net-zero emissions by mid-century, and net-negative emissions after that. To achieve this, global CO₂ emissions must be drastically reduced as much as possible and on top of that, any residual and historic emissions need to be actively removed from the atmosphere.

Several carbon dioxide removal solutions exist, among them technological solutions like Climeworks’ direct air capture and storage. These innovative climate tech solutions come with a number of benefits and provide the highest-quality carbon removal currently available on the market: they are highly effective and thus scalable, provide fully measurable carbon removal, and ensure the permanent storage of the removed CO₂. Yet, their availability is limited, resulting in a gap between demand and supply.

Early adopters like Zendesk help to close this gap. The company, which delivers support and sales products to improve customer relationships, is convinced of the potential of Climeworks’ direct air capture technology, and by purchasing Climeworks’ carbon removal service, Zendesk not only gets to remove part of its unavoidable emissions, it also contributes to accelerating the scale-up of this important climate tech solution. Selecting Climeworks was a cross-departmental decision at Zendesk: a team of engineers partnered with the sustainability team to evaluate the best carbon removal strategies available, which led them to Climeworks.

“At Zendesk, we recognize the risk that climate change poses on our society. Mitigating our impact through carbon offsets and removals is a key component of our sustainability program and a crucial step toward reversing the effects of climate change,” said Todd Lienart, director of sustainability at Zendesk. “We are excited to support Climeworks in its journey as we believe technology will play a critical role in addressing the reduction of CO₂ in our atmosphere.”

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