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Shopify joins Climeworks' carbon dioxide removal programme

Key take-aways:

  • Climeworks has been chosen, by Shopify, as a much-needed climate solution

  • Pioneering actions like Shopify's can inspire others and help scale the technology

Last year, Climeworks made its carbon dioxide removal solution available to the public, allowing people and organizations to have carbon dioxide permanently removed from the air in their name. Since then, many pioneers have joined Climeworks’ mission to fight climate change and now Shopify is one of them.

Climeworks has been chosen as one of the climate-positive projects that Shopify supports through its Sustainability Fund. With this fund, Shopify commits to give a minimum of USD $5 million annually to the most promising, impactful technologies and projects fighting climate change.

Capricorn' collectors

Climeworks is thrilled to reveal that Shopify will be purchasing permanent storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide. This is a win-win for Shopify and Climeworks as this purchase helps to scale and commercialize climate technology for massive impact on the long term. Shopify choosing to purchase carbon dioxide removal from Climeworks, shows that businesses are convinced of the Climeworks’ solution and its potential to help fight climate change. Pioneering efforts, such as Shopify’s, increase the demand for carbon dioxide removal and help to make climate positivity more attainable for everyone by supporting the kickstart of a whole new industry.

Christoph Gebald, co-CEO and co-founder of Climeworks
We are pleased to see that ever more people and organizations are joining our journey towards a climate-positive world. The more pioneering customers, the faster the scale-up: Shopify acts as a pioneer leading the way for further private organizations to take bold actions to address their climate impact by removing carbon dioxide from the air with Climeworks.
Stacy Kauk, Director of Shopify’s Sustainability Fund
For the first year of Shopify’s Sustainability Fund, we chose to work with companies with innovative ideas that we believe have the highest potential to reverse climate change. The world needs ambitious entrepreneurs like those at Climeworks to continue pushing the carbon removal frontier, and chart the course for those who will follow in what is shaping up to be humanity’s most important industry yet.

For the full English press release, see here.

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