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Remove CO₂ as a business

Climeworks’ high-quality carbon removal solutions as part of your climate strategy.

Lead the race toward net zero

Remove unavoidable and historic CO₂ emissions from the air with Climeworks’ pioneering direct air capture technology, which is already capturing thousands of tons of CO₂ in Iceland, or build a full portfolio of engineered and nature-based carbon removal methods with our expert team. 

Climeworks’ direct air capture technology and the additional solutions we can source and manage for you bring you one step closer to your net-zero targets, complementing your drastic emissions reduction.

People networking at Climeworks' Direct Air Capture Summit


For enterprises seeking high-quality carbon removal for their net-zero strategy and beyond.

  • Larger volumes of CDR (>100 tons per year). 

  • Direct air capture and Climeworks Solutions. 

People at Climeworks' Direct Air Capture Summit 2022


For small–medium businesses who want to help the world reach net zero and support our scale-up.

  • One-time purchases (<100 tons of CDR per year). 

  • Direct air capture.

Climeworks Solutions: portfolios of nature-based and engineered solutions

Complementary to its pure direct air capture technology, Climeworks also offers individually tailored carbon removal portfolios – rigorously vetted by our expert team. Each portfolio is individually tailored to meet your strategic priorities, timing, quality, and budget needs. 

The portfolios can be comprised of approaches such as afforestation/reforestation, biochar, enhanced weathering, and bioenergy with carbon capture ...
The portfolios can be comprised of approaches such as afforestation/reforestation, biochar, enhanced weathering, and bioenergy with carbon capture and storage, and always include Climeworks own technology direct air capture.
At BCG we are driven by a clear purpose: Unlocking the potential of those who advance the world. For years, we have been steadfast in our commitment to reducing and removing our carbon emissions. We understand the urgency for high-quality carbon removal solutions to rapidly expand. The latest innovation from Climeworks, which integrates nature-based and engineered approaches, simplifies the process for companies looking to integrate high-quality carbon removal into their net-zero strategies. We believe that this advancement will inspire many more companies to take similar actions toward sustainability.”

David Webb, Chief Sustainability Officer at BCG.

All about Climeworks Solutions

Why choose Climeworks? 

On top of emissions reductions, the IPCC confirms that carbon removal is a must for the world to get to net zero. According to the SBTi framework, a corporate science-based net-zero strategy must combine emissions reductions and the active removal of unavoidable CO₂ emissions. By incorporating Climeworks’ carbon removal solutions into your strategy, your company demonstrates proactive climate leadership and takes a comprehensive approach to achieving itsnet-zero goals. 

1. High quality 

We only offer high-quality carbon removal. Our own direct air capture technology and storage is safe and permanent — the CO₂ is stored underground for over 10,000 years. It's also 100% additional and measurable, as we remove net CO₂ from the atmosphere and can precisely measure it. The third-party solutions that we offer as part of our portfolios also meet rigorous quality standards. 

2. Verification 

At Climeworks, we believe the carbon removal industry should be held to the highest standards, and we want to lead by example. That's why the carbon removal service performed at our Orca plant, and all of the suppliers we partner with for our portfolios have been third-party verified. 

3. Expertise  

We operate the world's largest commercial DAC+S facility, Orca, and will soon launch our second, larger plant, Mammoth. Climeworks has an expert team that selects, sources and manages the proper carbon removal solutions for you if you wish to purchase a portfolio. You can have the assurance that every third-party solution has undergone an in-depth due diligence process and that one ton of CO₂ purchased is one ton of CO₂ removed. 

Interested to learn more?

Take an in-depth look at our service or gain insights from our pioneering corporate customers.

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