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Climate Week NYC 2023

Climeworks will be in New York City for the Climate Week on September 17-24 - let's connect!

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New York City as a hub for climate action

As the largest annual climate event of its kind, Climate Week NYC brings together representatives of governments, businesses, and civil society from all over the world with the aim to drive forward global climate action. More than 400 events across the city will transform New York into a hub for climate action - and we believe that high-quality carbon removal should be part of the conversation.

While drastic emissions reductions are key to maximizing our chances of limiting global warming to 1.5°C and must be prioritized, carbon removal is needed in addition to balance out residual and historic emissions and help the world reach net zero, and sustain it.

We are excited to announce that Climeworks will be represented by several team members at Climate Week NYC and are looking forward to engaging in meaningful discussions with the diverse set of stakeholders that will gather in New York City in September that will hopefully propel them into action.

Will you be at Climate Week NYC? Let's connect!

At the Climate Week NYC, Climeworks' leadership team will be represented by our co-CEO and co-founder Christoph Gebald, Chief Commercial Officer Jan Huckfeldt and Chief Marketing Officer Julie Gosalvez as well as several team members across our Commercial, Climate Policy, Marketing and Finance teams on site. So there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with us!

Climeworks to host its own events on September 21

For the 2023 edition of Climate Week NYC, Climeworks will host a series of events focused on high-quality carbon removal on September 21, including workshops and networking opportunities. Through these gatherings, Climeworks’ goal is to bring together all stakeholders that are key to the deployment of carbon removal at scale, in a timely, qualitative, equitable and just manner. These events and others in which Climeworks will participate will also be an occasion to share news about Climeworks’ latest developments and future plans, to meet with key business and policy shapers and discuss how to advance high-quality carbon dioxide removals as part of global climate action.

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CDR perspectives brunch: BCG, hosted by Climeworks, with Heirloom - Sep 21, 11am-1pm EDT

In 2023, carbon removal and direct air capture are set to reach unprecedented levels of investment, research, and demand. However, the marathon to build the carbon removal industry has only just begun. The CDR perspectives brunch hosted by Climeworks, with Heirloom, will be an opportunity to discover the latest insights on market trends in the carbon removal industry from BCG’s upcoming CDR Market Report, in collaboration with a consortium of key CDR stakeholders, including Climeworks and Heirloom, as well as Lithos Carbon, Ebb Carbon, CarbonCapture, Capture6, Breakthrough Energy, Carbon Removal Partners, DAC Coalition, Arca, and Charm Industrial. This will be an opportunity to interact with the pioneers leading the race to gigaton-scale removal by 2050.

After a brief introduction from Brandon Middaugh, Senior Director at Microsoft's Climate Innovation Fund, we will hear from our panel speakers:

Karan Mistry, Managing Director & Partner, BCG

Adrian Siegrist, Head of Strategy & Corporate Development, Climeworks

Nishad Pai, Head of Business Development, Heirloom

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Executive meet-up: deploying carbon removal at scale, hosted by Climeworks - Sep 21, 3-5pm EDT

The private sector has become one of the driving forces behind carbon removal solutions and we want to spotlight voices that can enable even more action during Climate Week NYC. From the importance for companies to engage with carbon removal early-on, to the role it can and should play in climate justice, this session will be comprised of several discussions on key topics shaping the industry. After a brief introduction about BCG’s upcoming CDR Market report from Karan Mistry (Managing Director & Partner, BCG), Marcius Extavour (Chief Climate Solutions Officer, TIME CO2) will discuss these topics separately with:

Ugbaad Kosar, Director of Environmental Justice, Carbon180

Noah Deich, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Carbon Management, FECM, U.S. DOE

Brian DiMarino, Managing Director, Head of Operational Sustainability, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Scarlett Benson, Lead on Beyond Value Chain Mitigation, Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

Neal Gray-Wannell, Manager of Carbon Capture Storage and Removals, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

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CDR happy hour, hosted by Climeworks - Sep 21, 6-8pm EDT

This casual gathering will bring together business leaders, political change-makers, as well as local and civil society representatives. It will be kicked off by a welcome speech from Climeworks’ co-CEO and co-founder Christoph Gebald, followed by remarks from Rich Lesser (Global Chair at BCG). This gathering, in addition to providing a networking platform, will aim at bringing together the insights and actions collected during the first part of Climate Week NYC.

Climeworks, deeply connected to its Helvetic origins, will convene its September 21 gatherings at the Swiss Institute in the East Village. The institute's aim is to delve into how a Swiss perspective can serve as the foundation for global dialogues. It features a main gallery in addition to the event space and rooftop which will only be accessible to Climeworks events' guests.

From September 13 2023 to January 7 2024, the Swiss Institute presents Ali Cherri’s first solo exhibition, “Humble and quiet and soothing as mud”, which pivots on mud as the primordial material of civilization in creation myths, cultural artifacts and ecology. The exhibition will also be accessible to Climeworks’ guests on September 21.

Please note that these three events are in-person and invitation-only.

Will you be in New York, too, and want to explore opportunities together? Reach out to us at [email protected].

Let's continue the conversations of the Direct Air Capture Summit 2023 in New York City!

Read the highlights of Climeworks Direct Air Capture Summit summarized by our team.

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Advancing high-quality carbon removal solutions

Will you be at Climate Week NYC? Let's connect!

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