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Intern in Sorbent Structures (80 – 100%)

Zurich, Switzerland
Ready to join a team of visionaries who is dedicated to solving one of humankind’s greatest challenges?

Get to know Climeworks

Climeworks removes CO₂ from the air to fight global warming and protect future generations to come.

We develop, build and operate direct air capture (DAC) machines which capture CO₂ directly from the air. The captured carbon dioxide is removed from the air by safely storing it underground, permanently.

Founded in 2009 by engineers, Christoph Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher, Climeworks was built with a mission to inspire 1 billion people to remove CO₂ from the air, and is now spearheading the DAC industry globally. It has the world’s largest DAC facility and storage installation in operation and a team of over 300 Climeworkers determined to contribute to a net-zero future.

A true climate pioneer, Climeworks is featured as a TIME100 Influential Company 2022 and Global Cleantech 100 Company 2022, driving a revolutionary technology engineered to solve the most pressing issue of our time.

We foster a dynamic environment and are building a global purpose driven team. We are looking for disruptive thinkers, passionate achievers and inspiring leaders that are ready to take on the world’s greatest challenge.

Will you join us? 

Your mission

Job description
  • Your mission at Climeworks is to support the evaluation and development of sorbent structures for direct air capture.
  • You work in an integrated team to perform lab-based evaluations, including adsorption characterization, accelerated life testing, and sample prototyping of novel materials.
  • You test materials for CO2 adsorption behavior, for stability, and for structural integrity.
  • You work independently on work packages to understand and/or improve mechanical properties of new materials, to improve test methods, and to evaluate new ideas quickly by means of rapid exposure tests.
  • You validate, troubleshoot, and document the work you do clearly to communicate to others at Climeworks in the context of larger projects.

Your story

  • You have a bachelor’s and/or working towards a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, process engineering, chemical engineering, materials science, or similar.
  • You are available for a 6-month internship.
  • You enjoy working hands-on in the lab or in the workshop, and you have some classroom or other experience with any of the following: characterization of porous materials (BET, Hg porosimetry, TGA, etc.), structural analysis (tensile/compression testing, FEM, etc.), adsorption characterization (breakthrough testing, DVS, etc.), or prototyping in a workshop.
  • Familiarity with CO2 capture is beneficial but not required.
  • You are eager to learn new concepts, skills, and tools that you might need to complete your assignments.
  • You are reliable, motivated, solution-oriented, concise, and have a structured working style.
  • You are fluent in English; knowledge of German or other languages is beneficial but not requiredpen to travel up.
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