Greta Thunberg at our direct air capture plant in Hinwil

News | 10.03.2020

Young climate activist Getra Thunberg at our plant in Hinwil

On 10th March 2020 we had the honor of welcoming the inspiring Greta Thunberg to our direct air capture plant in Hinwil. The Swedish environmental activist was curious about our climate solution and wanted to learn more about it. She was accompanied by her father Svante as well as a BBC Studios film crew who, for a year, will be following Greta around the world to create a documentary. Our co-founder and CEO Jan Wurzbacher showed Greta round our direct air capture plant, explained how the technology works and what role it could play in solving the climate challenge.

Greta Thunberg visits Climeworks

We thank Greta for the time she took to visit us and for her strength and determination in fighting the climate crisis! Just like her we will continue doing everything we can to contribute to a climate-positive world.

Also check out the article of the European Commission about Greta Thurnbergs visit at our direct air capture plant.