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Mammoth taking final shape: core infrastructure is in place and systems are operational

Key take-aways

  • 18 months after groundbreaking, the infrastructure of Climeworks’ latest and to-date largest direct air capture and storage plant ‘Mammoth’ has been successfully put in place, with 90% of the systems operational, including that of storage partner Carbfix.

  • Climeworks is now ready to add the last part of the plant, its CO₂ collector containers, which will filter the CO₂ out of the air. The plant's first 12 CO₂ collector containers have already arrived onsite, and preparations for the first CO₂ removal are underway.

  • Located in Iceland, Mammoth is an order of magnitude larger than Climeworks’ previous plant ‘Orca’ and, therefore, an important milestone in Climeworks’ journey to reach megaton capacity by 2030 and gigaton scale by 2050. Next, Climeworks will start building a megaton hub in the U.S. – with valuable operational experience derived from its now two commercial plants in Iceland. 

Climeworks, the global leader in carbon removal via direct air capture (DAC) technology, has successfully put the core infrastructure of its newest and largest plant ‘Mammoth’ into place. The facility’s main systems have been commissioned and are operational, including the supply of renewable energy from ON Power, CO₂ processing equipment, and storage infrastructure from Carbfix. 12 of Mammoth’s total 72 CO₂ collector containers have arrived onsite, and are undergoing final preparations for removing the first CO₂.

Jan Wurzbacher, co-founder and co-CEO of Climeworks
Mammoth shows how Climeworks is championing DAC deployment. Since 2021, we have been operating our commercial DAC plant, Orca. Now its big brother is taking final shape: Mammoth represents not only a tenfold increase in carbon removal capacity but also a step change  in project management, supply chain volume, and workforce requirements. Having the core infrastructure in place and operational within just 18 months is a proof point of Climeworks’ ability to scale up quickly, with extremely fast development cycles, on  its path to gigaton capacity by 2050. This milestone has been achieved only thanks to the Climeworkers who worked relentlessly in Iceland throughout the past months. Amidst harsh winter conditions, they commissioned the plant’s systems in record time, and I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone involved.

Take a look at some impressions of Mammoth

Climeworks' Mammoth plant with Icelandic mountains in the background
Mammoth's process hall with the first 11 CO₂ collector containers installed in front of the plant
Climeworks' Mammoth plant from above
Mammoth's maintenance hall for more efficient maintenance work and for storing spare parts and tools
Carbfix's CO₂ injection site next to the Mammoth plant
The Mammoth site being illuminated as the sun sets in Iceland
A Climeworker doing work on one of Mammoth's CO₂ collector containers
A Climeworker standing next to an almost complete CO₂ collector container tower
Two CO₂ collector containers shown from the front, with their 12 ventilators each

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Mammoth is our second commercial DAC+S facility and is about ten times bigger than its predecessor plant, Orca.

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