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Tomorrow’s Air mobilizes for carbon dioxide removal with Climeworks solution to fight climate crisis

Climeworks’ carbon dioxide removal solution supports sustainable travelers

Tomorrow’s Air, a traveler collective, launches with a mission to clean and preserve air for future generations, using an unconventional mix of inspiration and education, including an online Airbnb tour of a Climeworks plant.

Through Tomorrow’s Air’s partnership with Climeworks, travelers can remove carbon dioxide through Climeworks’ direct air capture and permanently store it with the click of a button. Tomorrow’s Air amplifies the power of this action with art and educational campaigns to engage millions of travelers worldwide. Tomorrow’s Air subscribers receive travel benefits from a selection of sustainable travel partners curated by Tomorrow’s Air team, a monthly certificate verifying their contribution to carbon dioxide removal, and tools to increase awareness about the need for carbon dioxide removal on their own platforms.

Incubated by the Adventure Travel Trade Association and launching in collaboration with direct air capture partner Climeworks, Tomorrow’s Air combines the wisdom and connections the ATTA has established over nearly 20 years of supporting sustainable travel businesses and their entrepreneurial leaders with Climeworks’ pioneering carbon dioxide removal solution.

The travel industry can boost climate solutions like direct air capture

Tomorrow’s Air will leverage the power of travel and travelers to clean up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, in the process mobilizing a global community to raise awareness and build support for the sector’s further expansion.

Tomorrow’s Air carbon dioxide removal partner Climeworks was recently recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer and raised $75M in funding to further scale up its direct air capture solution. Climeworks already had the potential of travelers to support the scale-up of direct air capture technology on its radar when approached by Tomorrow’s Air team in 2019.

Christoph Gebald, co-founder and co-CEO of Climeworks
"Our vision is to inspire one billion people to remove carbon dioxide from the air. Tomorrow's Air is a great platform to reach travelers and adventurers all over the world and we are delighted to be the first partner of this pioneering platform aiming for a climate-positive future of travel.

Key take-aways:

  • Traveler collective Tomorrow's Air is launching in collaboration with Climeworks

  • Tomorrow's Air provides educational content about carbon dioxide removal

  • Travelers can actively remove carbon dioxide from the air through Climeworks’ direct air capture technology

  • Great potential for travellers to support the scale-up of direct air capture

For the full English press release, see here.

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