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The world’s biggest climate-positive direct air capture plant: Orca!

Thanks to the pioneers that subscribed to the Climeworks carbon dioxide removal service, we can now construct a scaled-up facility in Iceland. Climeworks has signed groundbreaking agreements with both Carbfix, carbon storage pioneers, and ON Power, the Icelandic geothermal energy provider, to lay the foundation for a new plant that will significantly scale-up carbon removal and storage in Iceland.

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Impression of Orca rendering

Orca will take carbon dioxide removal to the next level: it combines Climeworks' direct air capture technology with the underground storage of carbon dioxide on a much larger scale. By capturing 4'000'000 kg of carbon dioxide per year, it will be the world's biggest climate-positive facility to date. 

Ideal location, strong partners

Climeworks’ agreement with Carbfix ensures the safe storage of the CO₂ through underground mineralization. The underground basaltic rock formations in Iceland provide the ideal conditions for this process, providing a permanent solution for CO₂ storage. The energy required to run the direct air capture process comes from purely renewable resources and is supplied by ON Power, operating the Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant.

Positive industry

Orca was designed in a way to express the positive and synergetic combination of nature, natural processes as well as technology. We chose earthy colours and natural materials that give Orca a natural touch, emphasizing our commitment to a positive industry.

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Dr. Jan Wurzbacher, Director, Founder and Member of the Board
Orca is Climeworks’ biggest facility to date. We are grateful for the pioneers that enabled us to increase the carbon dioxide removal capacity in Iceland. This facility demonstrates that carbon dioxide removal on a large scale is both possible and necessary.

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