Reduce your carbon footprint

The topic of climate change can be overwhelming. But there are actions you can take to reduce, and even remove your carbon footprint to help fight global warming. Find out your carbon footprint and choose net zero.

Why do we have a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is represented by the amount of CO₂ produced by our actions, such as transportation, consumption and energy usage. Everyday actions such as driving a car, having a hot shower or using electricity contribute to your overall individual carbon footprint as these activities create greenhouse gases. With CO₂ being the gas which is contributing the most to global warming, it's imperative for us all to first reduce our carbon footprints, but you can also begin to remove them with carbon dioxide removal technology.

Perhaps you've never considered what your carbon footprint is? Well, now you can find out what the average daily carbon footprint of an individual living in your country is using our new tool below.

Reduce, then remove your footprint

Multiple sources say that we need to reduce our emissions as much as humanly possible in order to halt the current course of climate change. But they also state that we must remove historic and excess CO₂ from the air.



Try to use your car less and walk or cycle rather wherever possible.



Try avoiding single-use plastic and paper products and repair existing items.



You can recycle almost all products - collect your waste and take a trip to the recycling center.



Using our carbon footprint tool, you can calculate your daily emissions and remove them from the air.

Calculate and remove your carbon footprint

Use the tool below to check out the average daily carbon footprint of a person living in your country. Simply find out your carbon footprint and choose to go net zero by removing it for the day, month or year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the CO₂ footprint calculated?

What is the difference between Climeworks' carbon dioxide removal service and traditional carbon offsetting?

Why can't we just plant trees to remove CO₂ from the air?

Will I receive some sort of CO₂ removal certificate?

Subscribe to the planet

Don't fancy a one-off commitment to the planet? You can also opt for a monthly subscription and choose a CO₂ removal plan which best suits your lifestyle. Order the removal of CO₂ from the air and take climate action every month. Cancel any time at no extra charge.

How it works

Technology to remove CO₂

Climeworks develops, builds and operates direct air capture (DAC) machines to physically capture CO₂ directly from the air. Our machines consist of modular CO₂ collectors which selectively capture carbon dioxide in a two-step process.

Learn about our technology
Climeworks' Orca

Climeworks' direct air capture plant, Orca, in Iceland

Turning CO₂ into stone

Once the CO₂ has been captured by Climeworks' Orca plant, it can be transferred to our Icelandic neighbour Carbfix, for it to be turned into stone; a natural occurrence where CO₂ reacts with basalt rock. The CO₂ then stays deep underground safely and permanently, no longer contributing to global warming.

Learn about CO₂ storage
Basalt rock with mineralized carbon dioxide

Basalt rock with carbon dioxide captured by Orca

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