Capricorn is Climeworks' first direct air capture plant on an industrial scale.

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of several hundred tons of CO₂ per year

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The beginning of our scale-up journey

This plant is the first of its kind: it is Climeworks' first direct air capture plant on an industrial scale. By designing, building and operating it, we proved the feasibility of our solution to reverse climate change by removing CO₂ from the air on a large scale and under real conditions.

May 2017
Move from demonstration to industrial scale


By designing, building and operating Capricorn, we proved the feasibility of our solution under real conditions. We are able to collect important data for the continuous optimization of our technology. 

The facility consists of 18 CO₂ collectors that together capture several hundred tons of carbon dioxide from the air every year. We applied a modular design to them: 6 collectors fit into one standard ship container, enabling us to move into mass production more efficiently.  


Leveraging an existing CO₂ market

The plant is located in Hinwil, a small town close to Zurich, Switzerland. It sits on the rooftop of a local waste incineration plant, which provides waste heat to power our capture process. In this case, the CO₂ we capture is not permanently removed from the atmosphere, but delivered to a nearby greenhouse for the fertilization of vegetables. Greenhouses are an important buyer of CO₂ and this existing market demand enabled us to significantly scale up our solution for the first time.

Further, liquified CO₂ is delivered to the beverage industry. The plant is FSSC 22000 certified, as well as certified by The Coca-Cola Company. This speaks for the high quality of our air-captured CO₂, as well as our operations. 

Jan Wurzbacher, Co-founder and Co-CEO ofClimeworks
«With the energy and economic data from Capricorn we can make reliable calculations for other, larger projects and draw on the practical experience we have gained.»

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