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Get inspired: 8 New Year's resolutions for the climate

Our diverse community of Climeworkers share what commitments they’re making for the planet in 2023.

Another year, another opportunity

It’s been another busy year here at Climeworks HQ in Zurich, Switzerland. Highlights include raising 650 million USD in equity, starting construction on our newest and largest direct air capture facility, Mammoth, and overseeing enormous organizational growth — with a total of 300 Climeworks employees now engaged in the fight against climate change! We know that our true value is people, and we’re proud to work with disruptive thinkers from all over the world at our Zurich office. Within our community here, we have representatives from most European countries, including Poland, Italy, and Romania, and reaching further away to The U.S., The Galapagos Islands, and even as far as Australia! To celebrate these diverse perspectives, we decided to ask some of our Climeworkers at Zurich HQ about their New Year’s resolutions for 2023.  

Keep reading to get inspired and steal their ideas!  

What's your New Year's Resolution?

Anna Ahn

Home country: Korea / Germany

"Except for professional reasons, I won't take any flights this year. I’m also going to try and transition to a plant-based diet — I rarely eat meat, but cheese is my weakness! Unfortunately, Switzerland is cheese heaven, but I'll get there, step by step!"

Akil Prabhu

Home country: India

"I’m going to avoid e-bikes and e-scooters and use my pushbike and public transport instead. While these devices produce fewer emissions than a car, there’s still a good amount of energy used for mining of materials, plus shipping and manufacturing. Ultimately, manual bikes and public transport seem better options.”

Alexandra Ciuria

Home country: Romania

"Working at Climeworks has taught me so much about the policies and scientific advancements that can help us fight climate change. Our in-house experts are an invaluable resource, and my 2023 resolution is to organize lunch-and-learn sessions so that my colleagues can benefit from their insights as much as possible.”

Camila Yanez

Home country: The Galapagos Islands

“I’m going to stop thinking about gifts as material presents and instead focus on giving experiences. This helps the local economy, produces less waste, and ensures your loved ones create long-lasting memories. For example, I gifted my parents a diving weekend around The Galapagos Islands where they live this Christmas.”

Douglas Chan

Home country: Australia

“I’m a serial online shopper and have way too many packages arriving at my front door. I want to consolidate this where possible and do better to reduce or re-use — minimizing my impact on both the environment and my bank account!”

Fabian Mettler

Home country: USA / Switzerland

“I aim to reduce my emissions as much as possible. Firstly, by focusing on local trips for hiking, skiing, and swimming. Secondly, by exploring Europe by train, which is easier now due to the variety of high-speed transit options. Thirdly, by removing my emissions from the occasional flight to the U.S.”

Fintan Tuohy

Home country: Ireland

“I’m going to start using the No Waste app when I go shopping. This is a great way to cut down on food waste. It's free to download, easy to use, and means I don't end up with seven jars of pesto but no bread for my lunch on Sunday!”

Julius de Groot

Home country: The Netherlands

“This year, I'll reduce my meat consumption and shop for food more locally and seasonally. I love trying new dishes and different foods, but this year I’d like this to be more of a special occasion. Overall, I want to support sustainable, safe, and healthy food production.”

Now it's over to you!

Whether you're planning on cutting down on food waste this year, committing to buying second-hand or getting your bike ready for those early morning cycles into work — we salute your efforts! It's never been more important to reduce our collective impact on the planet, and no matter what your New Year's resolution might be, it's small steps like these that make up any journey. Together, we can make a difference.

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