Choose the gift of climate impact

Start your friends, colleagues, and family members on their journey toward climate action. By choosing our climate impact gift, you order the permanent removal of CO₂ from the air, which is the chief cause of global warming. Simply select one of our preset amounts or customize your own.

Expedition Gift
Expedition Gift
Permanently remove 85 kg of CO₂ in the name of your giftee
Discovery Gift
Discovery Gift
Permanently remove 45 kg of CO₂ in the name of your giftee
Explorer Gift
Explorer Gift
Permanently remove 25 kg of CO₂ in the name of your giftee
Custom Gift
Custom Gift
Flexible to suit you: choose the amount of your gift here.

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What will my gift look like?

When you buy a gift with us, we’ll send it out in the most sustainable way: as a beautiful PDF in an email, at the selected time and date. You can customize the message on the PDF and choose the design you like the most.

Carbon dioxide removal paper mockup

Choose a design, add your message and we will email the gift to your recipient on a specific date & time. You can also print it out for them!

Why give the gift of CO₂ removal?

The gift of carbon dioxide removal is truly unique and impactful.

  • It’s truly sustainable as it’s sent digitally
  • It fights climate change with every single kg of CO₂ removed
  • You can buy it last minute, and it’s perfect for those friends or family who are difficult to choose for
  • It’s not only a gift for your loved ones but also for the planet

Other ways to take action with us

Become a Climate Pioneer and help us reach a net zero and stop global warming by removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Climeworks Mammoth, largest Direct Air Capture plant
Monthly climate action plan
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Choose to remove CO₂ on a regular basis, either monthly or yearly
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Take a preset package or custom plan starting from 1€ upwards
Climeworks carbon dioxide removal ventilators
One-off climate purchase
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Remove CO₂ to counteract unavoidable emissions
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Unavoidable emissions might come from flights or driving, among other causes

Frequently asked questions

How does the gifting process work?
It only takes you 4 easy steps:

  1. Recipient: You tell us who the gift is for
  2. Timing: Let us know when to send it to them
  3. Design: Choose which of our 3 beautiful designs you’d like to use
  4. Personal message: Write a personal message to your recipient. The message will be included in the gift email and the gift PDF. (max 500 characters)

Done! We’ll send your gift to the recipient at the scheduled time.

Do I get some sort of certificate?
Yes, you do! You’ll find your CO₂ removal order confirmation in your account as a PDF document. Here we state the amount of carbon dioxide ordered in your name. No one else can stake a claim to that amount.

How long does it take you to remove the CO₂?
Once you make your purchase, we’ll perform the CO₂ removal within 6 years or earlier, depending on our plants’ utilization and operation schedules.

Can I deduct the gift purchase from tax?
Unfortunately, no. The purchase of Climeworks’ carbon dioxide removal services isn’t tax-deductible as a donation because Climeworks provides a service in return for payment and isn’t a charitable organization.

Still have questions?

  • Visit our purpose page to see why we created Climeworks and the recent milestones we’ve achieved.
  • Learn how our technology works and why it’s crucial in the fight against climate change.
  • Read about our recent successes in the news, including being named on the TIME100 Most Influential Companies list.
  • Have a look at our FAQ if you have any more questions or contact us for support and we’ll get back to you right away.