Easily get your employees started on the journey to climate positivity



More than compensation: permanently removes carbon dioxide from the air



Help reverse climate change by lowering the levels of CO₂ in the air



A fully digital gift that you can order, customize and deliver on your own schedule



Climate action as a gift. The receiver gets their own dashboard to monitor their impact.

Sustainable gifts

Select the number of recipients, and the value of each gift code. 45$ removes roughly one day of an average U.S. or Canadian citizen's CO₂ footprint - or the equivalent of two cups of coffee per day for a full year.

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  3. In the meantime, use the communications kit we provide to prepare your messaging
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  5. You hand over the gift code(s) to the recipients
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To make your company gift a success, we provide you with all the necessary material to inform your employees about their sustainable gift.

Communication kit

If you have question or wish to change your order, please contact [email protected]

Leading companies already rely on us to achieve their climate targets

How the corporate gift works

Gifting carbon dioxide removal is easy. It is sustainable, can be (digitally) sent across the world and can be bought on short notice. This unique sustainable gift will permanently remove carbon dioxide from the air in the recipients’ names. We provide you with example texts and images that you can use in your internal communication to announce the company gift to your employees.

Drop us an email on [email protected] if you have any questions.

Choose your company gift

Choose your company gift

Select an amount, currency and the amount of employees to get an offer from us

Deliver sustainable gift

Deliver sustainable gift

Get our communications kit to prepare your internal messaging and deliver the gift QR codes to your team

Celebrate climate action

Celebrate climate action

Your team activates the gift. Celebrate that you got many more people started on the road to climate action

Carbon dioxide removal confirmation

In their personal dashboard, your employees can download their carbon dioxide removal confirmation PDF.

How Climeworks does CO₂ removal

CO₂ removal via direct air capture and storage

With ‘direct air capture’, air is drawn into a collector with a fan, and CO₂ is captured on a filter. To take out the CO₂, the filter is heated so the CO₂ is released from the filter and then we can store it permanently.  

See Orca, our largest direct air capture and storage plant in operation

CO₂ footprints of daily items

Did you know that the footprint of one disposable coffee cup is 16 grams of CO₂? The coffee you put in there is about 50 grams. Using your mobile phone for an hour adds up to 3.5 kg.

More everyday footprint examples at Clever Carbon

Young women sitting in a restaurant

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