The most sustainable gift

Looking for an eco-friendly gift which also fights climate change? You can order the removal of CO₂ from the air, giving your loved ones the most unique and climate-positive gift on the planet! Choose to be kind to Mother Nature and gift CO₂ removal for your special occasion. Simply select one of the gifts below or use the customizer to choose a gift which better suits your lifestyle.
Expedition Gift
Permanently remove 85 kg of CO₂
Discovery Gift
Permanently remove 45 kg of CO₂
Explorer Gift
Permanently remove 25 kg of CO₂
Custom Gift
Get a customized sustainable gift
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Choose a design, add your message and we will email the gift to your recipient on a specific date & time. You can also print it out for them!

Why give the gift of CO₂ removal?

The gift of carbon dioxide removal is something you cannot get anywhere else! It is truly sustainable as it's solely powered by renewable energy, raises climate awareness, can be sent digitally, and it fights climate change with every single kg of CO₂ removed. You can also buy it last minute and it’s perfect for those friends or family who are difficult to choose for. But most of all: it is not only a gift for your loved ones but also for the planet, and when you purchase this gift, you and your loved one join our mission to inspire climate-positivity as part of the Climate Pioneers community.

What does CO₂ look like in kg?

Each year, the average city dweller emits approximately 10 tonnes of CO₂ annually. That’s 28 kg of CO₂ per day, but what does that really mean and how do we know what contributes to this? The individual carbon footprint is made up of three main categories:

Photo of a little girl showing a book to her parents

8 kg is generated per day through food, shopping, hobbies and activities

Photo of an old school light bulb

10 kg is generated per day by using electricity, hot water and heating in a home

Photo of a winter road landscape, snowy Tatra mountains, Poland

10 kg is generated per day by commuting and getting from A to B by car, bus, train, or flying

Source: clever carbon

Give the planet a gift every month

Giving your loved ones an eco-friendly gift is a great start, but why stop there? You can also give the planet a monthly gift by subscribing to our carbon removal service to remove unavoidable emissions from your lifestyle. With your commitment you allow operation and construction of direct air capture capacity to permanently remove more CO₂ from the air. Scaling CO₂ removal capacity is urgently needed to achieve climate targets. With your contribution, we can keep on accelerating.

Special Expedition
Special Expedition
Permanently remove 100 kg of CO₂ every month
per month
Cancel any month
Permanently remove 50 kg of CO₂ every month
per month
Cancel any month
Permanently remove 30 kg of CO₂ every month
per month
Cancel any month
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Frequently Asked Question's

How does the gifting process work?

Simply select a gift, customize the message and design, then choose your preferred send date and time. Complete the purchase process. You will receive an email confirmation with a link to the gift PDF which you can choose to print out sustainably.

How does CO₂ removal work?

Climeworks run direct air capture machines using a technology which physically captures carbon dioxide from the air. The CO₂ captured is then stored underground, where it stays permanently for millennia. With your gift purchase, you allow our machines to capture more CO₂ from the air, helping us fight climate change, whilst also spreading climate positivity among your friends and family.

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