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Carbon catch-up | The business case for carbon removal | With Shopify

Key take-aways:

  • Without more corporate demand, the carbon removal market won’t scale to the level that is necessary for companies, and the world, to reach net zero in the coming decades.

  • On that path to achieve climate impact, corporate buyers of carbon removal are securing future capacity and mitigate risks by anticipating regulatory changes in the carbon market.

  • Additionally, businesses who act now boost their climate leadership and build up their knowledge to navigate a complex industry.

  • With the due diligence process that has been done by Shopify and others, early buyers today are in a good position to identify high-quality carbon removal solutions.

Exploring the why, what, and when of buying carbon removal

Climeworks invited Mitchel Selby, Program Manager at Shopify’s Sustainability Fund, to exchange perspectives from the buyer and supplier side on the business case for carbon removal. Shopify was one of the earliest buyers and continues to be a trailblazer in the industry – but what does it take to follow their path? Together with Climeworks’ Corporate Partnerships Manager Laurent Müller, Mitchel dived into Shopify’s learnings since the launch of the Sustainability Fund and highlighted what future buyers should consider when starting their carbon removal journey.

For more insights about Shopify’s carbon removal journey and how they approach the process of buying high-quality carbon removal, check out their guide Buying Carbon Removal, Explained.

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