Climeworks is amongst the founders of new Carbon Removal Alliance advocating for permanent carbon dioxide removal

News | 23.02.2023

Key take-aways

  • High-quality carbon dioxide removal (CDR) deserves more visibility on the political agenda to help meet global climate targets and realize the potential of this trillion-dollar industry.
  • Climeworks is therefore excited to be amongst the founders of the newly launched Carbon Removal Alliance (CRA), with Climeworks' own Chief Climate Policy Officer Christoph Beuttler joining the CRA's board.
  • The CRA, led by Executive Director Giana Amador, is the first U.S. policy coalition focused on a portfolio of high-quality, permanent carbon removal to drive technology-neutral policies that do not just focus on a fraction of the CDR solutions we need, but on a holistic portfolio.
  • What's important is that CDR solutions should meet distinct quality criteria to incentivize the scaling of high-quality solutions, namely permanence, net negativity, additionality and verifiability - in line with the principles that Climeworks is putting forward with its carbon removal service via direct air capture technology.
Christoph Beuttler, Chief Climate Policy Officer at Climeworks
Christoph Beuttler, Chief Climate Policy Officer at Climeworks
"We are excited to co-found this strong network of innovators focusing on high-quality carbon removal. The Carbon Removal Alliance embodies what Climeworks has always been advocating for: the scale-up of carbon removals that are permanent, net negative, additional and verifiable. A portfolio of CDR solutions is needed on gigaton level by 2050 and we need to make sure that the highest-integrity solutions are incentivized. As a board member, I hope to share the learnings we gained at Climeworks to accelerate this scale-up - in particular our experience with permanence and third-party certification."
Launch of the Carbon Removal Alliance

Want to dive deeper into the quality criteria of CDR and how to verify them?

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