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Carbon removal for your net zero strategy

Lead the race toward net zero with Climeworks’ high-quality carbon removal solution.

People networking at Climeworks' Direct Air Capture Summit

Climeworks offers one of the highest-quality technological carbon removal solutions

The difference between traditional carbon offsets and carbon removal solutions can be challenging to navigate. In short, traditional carbon offsets are a way to reduce emissions, enabling companies to prevent more CO₂ from entering the atmosphere. In contrast, carbon removal solutions refer to removing existing CO₂ from the atmosphere, which enables a company to actively remove its unavoidable and historic emissions to reach net zero.

Climeworks offers a high-quality technological carbon removal solution via direct air capture and storage (DAC+S). We work with high integrity and transparency, offering the only third-party verified DAC+S service on the market. On top of this, CarbonPlan recognized Climeworks as the highest-rating CDR solution in their comparative analysis, and an independent life cycle assessment showed our plants have a net carbon removal efficiency of more than 90%.

When compared to other carbon dioxide removal solutions, nature-based or technical, Climeworks provides a unique solution that is:



CO₂ is removed from the air and stored for 10,000+ years.


Our CDR is third-party verified based on a third-party validated methodology. 


We remove net CO₂ from the atmosphere, only enabled by our customers.


Highly scalable through low land footprint and modular technology design.

Trust in our proven expertise and experience

Climeworks is the most advanced player in the direct air capture industry, offering carbon dioxide removal at a commercial scale. We have unrivaled operational expertise, with over 120,000 hours of experience across different geographies and climatic conditions. In Iceland, we operate the world’s first large-scale DAC+S facility, Orca, which delivered third-party verified carbon removal to our first corporate customers at the end of 2022. We also have a clear scale-up roadmap with the ambition to reach gigaton capacity by 2050, and the construction of our second commercial DAC+S facility, Mammoth, is well underway. In Iceland, our trusted CO₂ storage partner Carbfix provides the underground mineralization of our air-captured CO₂.

Join the world-leading businesses that already trust us and lead the race toward net zero.

Interested in our carbon removal solution?

Lead the race toward net zero and address your historic and residual emissions with Climeworks.

Carbon removal as an essential component of your net-zero strategy

Climate scientists agree that drastic emissions reductions are necessary but not enough to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Every IPCC scenario relies on carbon dioxide removal to reach net zero emissions by no later than 2050, and technological solutions, such as direct air capture, are key players in this goal.

In its net zero standard for companies, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) indicates that an economy-wide emissions reduction of 90% is required, and the remaining 10% must be removed by carbon removal solutions to reach net zero by 2050. That’s why a science-based corporate climate strategy today includes the removal of carbon emissions — for example, via technology solutions like Climeworks' direct air capture and storage.

Carbon removal solutions are key to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees and achieve net-negative emissions afterwards

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