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Climeworks launches climate positive gifts

Give climate-positivity

Thousands of people rely on Climeworks' carbon dioxide removal service. If you want to inspire others to take climate action, a Climeworks subscription is the ideal gift. This unique climate-positive gift will permanently remove carbon dioxide from the air in their name.

Climeworks uses direct air capture technology to remove CO₂ from the air. The carbon dioxide is then stored underground where it turns into stone through a natural process of mineralization – making the removal completely permanent.

Climeworks offers different gift card subscriptions from 5 to 500 CHF. Each gift comes in a Christmas design, and gives you the possibility to share ‘your wish for the planet’ on your social media channels. Simply buy the gift and send it to the recipient with a personalized message and on a date of your choice.

How Climeworks' carbon dioxide removal service works:

Climeworks removes carbon dioxide from the air on your behalf by (1) building and installing CO₂ capture plants and by (2) operating them and handing over the air-captured CO₂ for safe and permanent underground storage.

How the Climeworks gift works:

You select a subscription for your loved one and complete the purchase process. No strings attached, it is a one-time payment, without any renewal. In the process, you enter the email of the lucky person who will receive this gift and add a personalized message. You can choose a send-date and on that date, the receiver will get the email with your personalized message and the gift.

The benefits:

Climeworks' carbon dioxide removal service is a unique gift for climate-conscious people – something you cannot get anywhere else! It is sustainable, can be (digitally) sent across the world and can be bought on short notice. But most of all: it not only surprises our loved ones, it also benefits the planet.

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