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Climeworks launches “Remove to Zero” campaign to raise awareness around carbon removal on the global stage

Key take-aways:

  • In the company’s first major campaign, Climeworks is issuing a call to action to corporate leaders worldwide to reach their organizations’ – as well as our global – net zero targets by removing their unavoidable and historic CO₂ emissions on top of drastic emission reductions.  

  • This campaign represents a first for the carbon removal via direct air capture industry and underlines the momentum this sector has seen over the past year.  

  • Today, over 160 corporate climate leaders are removing CO₂ from the air with Climeworks. Our direct air capturing technology is rapidly scaling globally and is one of the key technological solutions fighting climate change.

(In Dubai, place of this year’s climate talks, Climeworks urges leaders like the CEO of Apple to not just leave it all to Mother Nature but to also engage in reliable and safe technological carbon removal.)

Climeworks’ “Remove to Zero” campaign

With the launch of the 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28), Climeworks rolls out its "Remove to Zero” campaign which seeks to develop awareness of high-quality carbon removal, a necessary climate technology, among corporate decision-makers. Today, we’re calling on corporations to reduce the CO₂ they can and turn to permanent, high-quality carbon removals like Climeworks to remove the CO₂ they cannot.  

“Remove to Zero” kicked off with an awareness campaign in Dubai, the place of this year’s COP28 climate talks. The campaign bolsters a decade of work by Climeworks to develop a scalable, permanent, and high-quality carbon removal solution via direct air capture. By capturing CO₂ from the ambient air, Climeworks is reducing the atmospheric concentration of carbon that is contributing to climate change. 

Next wave of companies with carbon removal demand entering market 

Today, Climeworks works with over 160 corporate climate leaders – including Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group, JPMorgan Chase, Swiss Re, Stripe, UBS, Shopify, and more – to help them meet their net zero targets. The potential for more companies to include carbon removal into their net zero strategy via SBTi standards is enormous and the carbon market will grow substantially in the next years. By leveraging carbon removal technology alongside emissions reduction strategies, the campaign highlights how companies can incorporate carbon removal solutions into their corporate sustainability plans to reach net zero goals. 

Create awareness 

This campaign, co-created with Rankin Creative, represents one of the first campaigns in this new growing carbon removal industry. Emphasizing the role removals must play to reach corporate and global climate goals is imperative for ensuring this necessary industry reaches gigaton scale as required by climate science.  

The next big thing in climate technology is here; Climeworks is helping to build it. Learn more about how we're removing to zero

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Christoph Gebald, co-CEO and co-founder of Climeworks, and Brad Smith, Microsoft’s vice chair and president

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