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Remove to zero

You reduce the CO₂ you can.

We remove the CO₂ you can't.

The next big thing?

For the entire planet, net zero is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a have-to-do.​ And we can help your business deliver it – by removing the CO₂ emissions you can’t cut down. For good. ​Zero is the biggest big deal of our lifetime. Now is the time to remove to zero.

Why is carbon removal essential to achieve net zero?

The science is clear. Urgent climate action is needed to halve emissions by 2030. To do so, we must both drastically reduce emissions as well as remove unavoidable CO₂ emissions from the air.

Achieving a state of net zero, where carbon emitted into the atmosphere and carbon removed from it are in balance, requires carbon removal solutions.

We remove the CO₂ you can’t reduce

We capture unavoidable and historic CO₂ emissions from the atmosphere, helping organizations reach their net zero targets.

Our direct air capture (DAC) technology is one of the key technological solutions to fight climate change. It captures CO₂ directly from the air, reducing the atmospheric concentration of CO₂ when deployed at scale.

Over 160 climate leaders remove CO₂ from the air with Climeworks

Learn how companies work with Climeworks


Carbon Removal Insights for CSO’s: leaders from Microsoft, Stripe, Shopify, and JP Morgan Chase explain how high-quality carbon removal supports corporate decarbonization and value creation.

Climeworks calls for a clear distinction between emission reductions and carbon removals

Mammut Case Study: how an outdoor apparel brand leans into product innovation, carbon removal and community engagement to begin the journey to net zero.

What is MRV?

BCG Case Study: learn about BCG’s strategic roadmap for sustainability, their journey towards net zero, and how high-impact carbon removal investments deliver multi-dimensional value to the firm.

Deliver high quality climate impact



CO₂ is removed from the air and stored for 10,000+ years.


CO₂ removal is verified based on a third-party validated methodology. 


Net CO₂ is removed from the atmosphere, enabled by Climeworks customers.


Low land footprint and modular technology design.


An inclusive approach to ensure local communities receive project benefits.
Job Creation

Job Creation

A one megaton plant can provide over 2,000 jobs.

Ready to remove to zero?

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