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First speakers announced for the Climeworks Direct Air Capture Summit 2023

The Climeworks Direct Air Capture Summit is back!

Since 2020, the Direct Air Capture Summit has brought together key players of the direct air capture and carbon removal industries and has become a space that inspires, connects, and most importantly, empowers people to act. This 4th edition will be no exception.

This 2023 summit edition will focus on ‘Advancing high-quality carbon removal solutions’. Our full-day event will put the spotlight on the science and economics of carbon removal solutions like direct air capture technology, the roles of corporations and governments in the voluntary carbon market, the importance of environmental justice, as well as how to set the highest possible standards for the industry. We will dive into key notions such as storage permanence, community engagement, costs and energy requirements, among many others.

Welcome at Climeworks Direct Air Capture Summit

We have put together a line-up of some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable people in the direct air capture space, and more broadly in carbon dioxide removal and sustainability, for a combination of insightful and inspirational keynotes, panels and conversations.

We are thrilled to reveal the first list of the Direct Air Capture Summit 2023 speakers and moderators!

We are honored to be able to bring together the contributions of these speakers and moderators, and look forward to welcome our guests on June 6th 2023 in Zurich and online. You can still join us virtually by registering today.

Can’t wait for this year’s Direct Air Capture Summit?

Direct Air Capture Summit

DAC Summit 2023

Guided by climate science, carbon removals and direct air capture need to permanently remove CO₂ from the air, in addition to drastic emissions reductions.

Lead the race toward net zero

High-quality carbon removal for your climate strategy via Climeworks' direct air capture and storage (DAC+S) technology.

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