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Remove CO₂ from the air and help the world get to net zero. Choose the package that best suits you or create a custom order.
On your marks
On your marks
Permanently remove 2 tons of CO₂ from the air.
Get set
Get set
Permanently remove 5 tons of CO₂ from the air.
Permanently remove 20 tons of CO₂ from the air.
Customize your order volume
Customize your order volume
Choose your CDR volume to remove part or all of your unavoidable emissions.

Proceed to check-out to see the price inclusive of value added tax.

View terms and conditions for Climeworks CDR services and the web-shop sales and communication terms and conditions for business customers outlining requirements on: climate strategy commitment; industry scope; communication; maximum purchase volume.


First reduce, then remove

To mitigate climate change, we need all solutions to be working together. One measure alone is not enough.

We must do everything we can to reduce emissions and, on top of that, actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.



Carbon removeal solutions are not an "easy way out". The first step to getting to net zero is do everything in our power to reduce our current emission levels. We must reduce and remove emissions.



We need to actively remove excess emissions. Plus, over the past few decades humanity has emitted so much CO2 that the concentration in our atmosphere is too high. Solutions like Climeworks are key for permanent carbon removal.

Frequently asked questions

How much CDR can I purchase on the web-shop for companies?

Our business self-service offering is limited to 100 tons of CO₂ per year and business. For larger corporate purchases, please reach out to our sales team

Can I buy a CDR subscription as a company? 

Only individuals can purchase monthly subscriptions. Companies can proceed to one-time orders. A company can repeat several one-time orders, within the limit of 100 tons of CO₂ in one year.

What type of payment do you accept? 

We currently offer PayPal and Credit Card as payment options. The latter comes with lower costs for us if you have a choice between those two.

Can I deduct my CDR purchase from tax? 

For legal entities that are subject to a tax on earnings, the cost of CDR services may be considered as a business expense and therefore reduce taxable earnings. However, this depends on the applicable national and local laws as well as the specific circumstances of the entity setup and location. Please consult with your local legal or tax advisor for advice, including as regards specific circumstances.

Do I get some sort of certificate?

Yes, you do! You’ll find your CO₂ removal order confirmation in your account as a PDF document. Here we state the amount of carbon dioxide ordered in the name of your company. No one else can stake a claim to that amount.

How long does it take you to remove the CO₂?

In line with our plants' operation schedules, CO₂ removal orders are carried out within 6 years. That means 6 years from your one-off order.

Can I communicate about my Climeworks purchase?

You can use the content of both your order confirmation (upon purchase) and your delivery confirmation (upon CDR delivery) documents for communication purposes. All communication shall be in line with applicable industry standards and legal requirements on green marketing.

Still have questions?

  • Visit our business section to understand the role of carbon removal in a net zero strategy.
  • Learn how our technology works and why it’s crucial in the fight against climate change.
  • Read about our recent successes in the news, including being named on the TIME100 Most Influential Companies list.
  • Have a look at our FAQ if you have any more questions or contact us for support and we’ll get back to you right away

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