Choose your CO₂ removal plan

With a monthly subscription, you can order the removal of CO₂ from the air and take climate action every month. Each kg of CO₂ removed, is a kg of CO₂ which no longer contributes to global warming. Simply choose a subscription which best suits your lifestyle to start fighting climate change every month.
Special Expedition
Permanently remove 100 kg of CO₂ every month
EUR 100.–
/ monthly
Permanently remove 50 kg of CO₂ every month
EUR 50.–
/ monthly
Permanently remove 30 kg of CO₂ every month
EUR 30.–
/ monthly
As flexible as your life: Choose different amounts, yearly plans, and company plans here.
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How does it work?

With your subscription, you allow our machines to remove more CO₂ from the air, helping us fight climate change. Our machines are built with a technology called 'direct air capture', which physically removes excess carbon dioxide from the air. The removed CO₂ is then stored underground, where it stays safely and permanently.

What are the benefits?



Removing excess and legacy CO₂ emissions from the air means you go one step further than compensation, you are removing emissions from the air, forever.



In your account, you can see precisely how much carbon dioxide we remove in your name each year on your personalized dashboard.



This solution requires the smallest land and water usage of all carbon dioxide removal approaches, and it is powered by 100% renewable energy.



The carbon dioxide removed goes through rapid mineralization to become stone, which is a completely safe and naturally occurring process.

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The most sustainable gift

Looking for a unique and eco-friendly gift? You can give carbon dioxide removal as a gift to friends and family, whilst also giving back to the planet. Simply choose from one of our gifts and inspire climate-positive action!