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Web-shop sales and communication terms and conditions for business customers

October 2022

Version of October 2022


The following terms and conditions apply to any business customers purchasing Climeworks Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Services through our web-shop. They are supplemental to the general applicable Terms and Conditions for Climeworks CDR Services for the Climeworks web-shop. In the event of any discrepancy, the below terms and conditions shall prevail.

Climate strategy commitment

According to the Science Based Targets initiative (“SBTi”), the key priority of every industry should be to drastically reduce its green house gas emissions to 50% by 2030 and at least 90% by 2050 from 2020 levels.

By ordering Climeworks CDR Services via the Climeworks web-shop as a business customer, you confirm that your business has a solid CO₂ emissions reduction strategy in place, in line with the recommendations from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ("IPCC") and the SBTi. Such a strategy and action plan is directly made available online or as an alternative can be shared upon request by the general public, or Climeworks, at any time following the placement of an order via the Climeworks web-shop.

Industry scope

Climeworks does not offer its removal services to the oil and gas industry, the coal industry or the defense and military industry. By purchasing Climeworks CDR Services via web-shop as a business customer, you confirm that your business does not work within or is otherwise involved in these industries.

Communication scope

After purchasing Climeworks CDR Services as a business customer via the Climeworks web-shop, you will receive an order confirmation issued in your business’ name. Once the CO₂ removal has been performed on your behalf, you will receive a delivery confirmation. You can use the content of both documents for communication purposes.

By way of example: Climeworks and Company have entered into an agreement under which Climeworks provides Climeworks Carbon Dioxide Removal Services for a volume of xxx kg/tons of CO₂ to Company to complement its climate strategy commitment in line with the recommendations from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Science Based Targets initiative.

All communication shall be in line with applicable industry standards and legal requirements on green marketing. Climeworks is entitled to reasonably direct your business to amend relevant communication to be in line with such standards and requirements. Your company cannot use Climeworks’ name, logo or brand assets for further communication purposes without explicit prior agreement with Climeworks.

Maximum volume

Our self-service business offering is limited to the CO₂ removal capacity of 100 tonnes per year and business. Multiple accounts are not permissible. For larger purchase agreements, please get in touch with Climeworks’ sales team.


Climeworks is entitled to terminate the agreement immediately and use all other available legal remedies, including as defined in the General Terms and Conditions for Climeworks CDR Services, which are linked in the Climeworks web-shop, in case of non-compliance of your business with any of the terms and conditions as outlined above.

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