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Join the fight against global warming and reach net zero emissions by removing excess CO₂ from the air.

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A climate-positive world

Since the Industrial Revolution, the level of CO₂ in the air has increased drastically, to the point where our climate has now changed. This excess carbon is the biggest cause of climate change, but with carbon dioxide removal, we can remove legacy CO₂ emissions from the air and put them back in the ground, where they belong, no longer contributing to global warming.

Help us on our mission to a climate-positive world by reducing your carbon footprint, and removing unavoidable and historic emissions from the air. You can become a Climate Pioneer by removing CO₂ for yourself, or by giving an eco-friendly gift to a loved one.

#ChangeClimate is the new #ClimateChange

It's time to change perspectives. It's time to change the climate, for the better.

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What we do

Climeworks uses a technology called 'direct air capture' to capture carbon dioxide directly from the air. When the removed air is combined with underground storage, it allows the permanent removal of excess and legacy CO₂ emissions, which can no longer contribute to climate change.

Climeworks direct air capture & storage plant Orca

Our first direct air capture plant launched in 2017 and we now have 15 machines in operation, with the world’s first large-scale plant switched on in Iceland in September 2021.

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How it works from captured Climeworks' Orca to Carbfix

Our machines consist of modular CO₂ collectors which selectively capture carbon dioxide in a two-step process. The CO₂ captured can either be stored or reused as a raw material.

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Once the CO₂ is captured, it can be permanently and safely turned into stone through rapid mineralization which is a natural occurrence where the CO₂ reacts with basalt rock.

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How you can make an impact

When you become a Climate Pioneer, you allow operation and construction of large-scale direct air capture and storage capacity to permanently remove more CO₂ from the air. Scaling CO₂ removal capacity is urgently needed to achieve climate targets. With your contribution, we can keep on accelerating. You can make an individual impact on the climate by removing CO₂ from the air.

Voices of the Climate Pioneers

Learn why others support Climeworks on our community page or create your own wish by becoming a Climate Pioneer, too.