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High-quality carbon removal for your climate strategy via Climeworks' direct air capture and storage (DAC+S) technology.

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According to the SBTi standard, a credible, science-based net-zero strategy must combine both emissions reductions and the active removal of unavoidable CO₂ emissions. Our direct air capture and storage (DAC+S) technology removes unavoidable and historic CO₂ from the air on your behalf.

Basalt rock with mineralized carbon dioxide
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Our service is fully permanent, measurable, and additional — in Iceland, the CO₂ we capture is stored safely underground for over 10,000 years via the Carbfix method. Our technology is land-efficient and highly scalable.

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We believe the carbon removal industry should be held to the highest standards, and we aim to lead by example. That's why we designed the first DAC+S methodology with Carbfix to third-party verify our services.

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With over 120,000 hours of operational experience across different climatic conditions, we’re true experts in what we do. We operate since 2021 the world’s first large-scale, commercial DAC+S facility, Orca.

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They trust Climeworks to remove carbon dioxide from the air on their behalf. Their long-term commitments enable the scale-up of the carbon removal industry and demonstrate true climate leadership.

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