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Climeworks' Direct Air Capture Summit 2022 summary and highlights

For the third year in a row, Climeworks brought together the industry key players at its Direct Air Capture Summit 2022. Scientists, opinion leaders, pioneering companies and policy experts came together to discuss the roles that the public and private sectors play in driving climate solutions and meeting global net zero goals.

Read and download the full highlights report here
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Scaling the direct air capture industry

This year's summit specifically looked at why direct air capture must scale to an industry starting now and what the needed enablers are. Pioneering corporate players, thought leaders and politicians, are talking about the role that direct air capture can play in the future. Our one-day event included multi-dimensional viewpoints from the tech, business, and policy space.

Our highlights report summarizes the conclusions that can be drawn from this year's summit, sharing the perspectives of our great speakers.

Watch their individual speeches here:

  • Opening remarks from Christoph Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher (Climeworks)

  • Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)

  • Dr. Gabrielle Walker (Valence Solutions)

  • Paul Judge (GE Renewables)

  • Panel with Prof. Dr. Greg Nemet (University of Wisconsin), Shashank Samala (Heirloom), Bas Sudmeijer (BCG) and Dr. Clea Kloster (Lowercarbon Capital)

  • Panel with Christian Holzleitner (EU Commission) and Dr. Oliver Geden (SWP)

  • Panel with Keith Tuffley (Citi), Allison Fleming (JP Morgan), Dr. Eli Mitchell-Larson (Carbon Gap) and Dominique Barker (Carbonplace)

  • Panel with Anders Porsborg Smith (BCG) and Jonathan Goldberg (Carbon Direct)

  • Dr. Lucas Joppa (Microsoft)

  • Closing remarks from Christoph Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher (Climeworks)

Wrap up of Climeworks' Direct Air Capture Summit 2022

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Industry snapshot

Climeworks' first industry snapshot

Learn more about the latest trends, insights and developments in the direct air capture industry.

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