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A look at the direct air capture industry today

Key take-aways:

  • In Climeworks' first "Industry snapshot" report, expert contributors weigh in on what policymakers, technology providers, investors and businesses can do to support the sustainable growth of the industry

  • From a policy perspective, government procurement of carbon removal and separated targets for removals and emission reductions are among the experts' suggestions

  • For companies looking to remove a part of their residual emissions, selecting carbon removal solutions with a high permanence and additionality is key. Early and long-term demand will catalyse the large-scale implementation of direct air capture, which should be matched to renewable energy pathways

Time has come to super-charge the carbon removal sector. So where do we currently stand when it comes to direct air capture? With contributions by scientists, policy experts, and field actors, this report provides a comprehensive overview covering recent developments in the carbon removal space, investing into direct air capture, and how to ensure the sustainability of climate technology.

Thank you to the expert contributors: Sabine Fuss (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons & Climate Change), Giana Amador (Carbon180), Julio Friedmann (Carbon Direct), Anna Dubowik (Negative Emissions Platform), Mark Preston Aragonès (Bellona), Eve Tamme (Climate Principles), Ryan Hanna (University of California, San Diego), Nili Gilbert (Carbon Direct), Sarah Deutz (RWTH Aachen University) and Tom Spencer (Swiss Re).

To learn more about how you can integrate carbon removal into your company's climate strategy - and support the scale up of Climeworks' direct air capture technology - have a look at Climeworks' B2B offerings.

Get to know the direct air capture industry experts up close:

Climeworks Summit 2024

Climeworks Summit 2024

For its 5th edition, the Direct Air Capture (DAC) Summit transformed into the Carbon Removal Summit.

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