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Remove CO₂ from the air with Climeworks' direct air capture technology. Join leaders in the fight against global warming and make a measurable impact.

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The science is clear: to keep global warming below 1.5°C, we need both drastic emissions reductions and carbon dioxide removal. At Climeworks, we’ve developed an innovative technology called “direct air capture” to remove excess CO₂ from the air so it can no longer contribute to climate change. In collaboration with high-quality CO₂ storage, we provide a carbon removal service that’s permanent, measurable, and scalable.

Basalt rock with mineralized carbon dioxide

We combine direct air capture technology with permanent underground storage, where captured CO₂ is turned into stone and stored safely for thousands of years.

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There’s no uncertainty about how much CO₂ we remove because we can measure exactly, and our service is third-party certified.

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Climeworks direct air capture & storage plant Orca

Our technology is highly scalable and location independent. There's global potential for direct air capture and storage from the Middle East to North America.

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Many of the world’s top businesses partner with Climeworks on their journey to net zero

Corporate and climate-action leaders trust Climeworks to remove their unavoidable and historic emissions from the air. Their long-term commitments are critical in the scale-up of the direct air capture industry and demonstrate truly inspiring climate leadership.

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