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Using direct air capture technology, we remove unavoidable and historic CO₂ emissions from the air, permanently. Become a Climate Pioneer today and we’ll remove CO₂ on your behalf.

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In the fight against climate change, we reduce, reuse, recycle, but we must also remove carbon dioxide from the air to stop global warming.

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What we do

Climeworks develops, builds and operates direct air capture machines using a technology which captures carbon dioxide directly from the air; removing unavoidable and historic CO₂ emissions.

Climeworks direct air capture & storage plant Orca

Our first direct air capture plant launched in 2017 and we now have 15 machines in operation, with the world’s first large-scale plant switched on in Iceland in September 2021.

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Our machines consist of modular CO₂ collectors which selectively capture carbon dioxide in a two-step process. The CO₂ captured can either be stored or reused as a raw material.

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Once the CO₂ is captured, it can be permanently and safely turned into stone through rapid mineralization which is a natural occurrence where the CO₂ reacts with basalt rock.

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Choose to be kind to Mother Nature, give your loved ones an eco-friendly gift which in turn is a gift for the planet. You can give the gift of carbon dioxide removal and inspire climate-positive action on any special occasion.

How you can make an impact

Climeworks is the leader in carbon capture technology, we remove CO₂ from the air to achieve negative emissions, not simply to just avoid emissions. The captured CO₂ can either be reused for business purposes or stored in rock underground, permanently.

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