Let's reverse climate change

Together we can inspire 1 billion people to remove CO₂ from the air, with Climeworks direct air capture technology.


Enable removal of CO₂ from the air


From so many countries around the world!

Juste être responsable, alors nous devons agir immédiatement TELCOMEX ICS engagez-vous :-)
Walter | Switzerland

Walter's wish for the planet

Walter and thousands of other people rely on Climeworks to remove carbon dioxide from the air. With our subscription service you can immediately start and be climate positive. The more carbon dioxide we remove, the better for the climate.

Join the journey towards a climate-positive world

A climate-positive world requires us to #actnow. By all means available. This includes removing carbon dioxide from the air in a safe and permanent way. And it includes all of us. Stay up to date in our community.

Facts & Figures
Direct air capture facilities
Including the world’s first commercial facility
28 days ago
"We showed that we are united and that we, young people, are unstoppable." - Greta Thunberg
Adrian | Canada
Facts & Figures

The bucket is almost full. We have only 9% of our global carbon budget left

CO₂ Removal

This is Orca: Climeworks' new large-scale carbon dioxide removal plant in Iceland

Orca will take direct air capture and storage to the next level. The construction in the geothermal parc in Hellisheidi, Iceland, is well underway.
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