Let's reverse climate change

Together we can inspire 1 billion people to remove CO₂ from the air, with Climeworks direct air capture technology.


Enable removal of CO₂ from the air

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So many countries around the world!

Juste être responsable, alors nous devons agir immédiatement TELCOMEX ICS engagez-vous :-)
Walter | Switzerland

Walter's wish for the planet

Walter and thousands of other people rely on Climeworks to remove carbon dioxide from the air. With our subscription service you can immediately start and be climate positive. The more carbon dioxide we remove, the better for the climate.

Join the journey towards a climate-positive world

A climate-positive world requires us to reduce, reuse, recycle… then remove. We can remove unavoidable and historic CO₂ from the air in a safe and permanent way. Each and every one of us can make a huge impact and when we all do it together, we can change the world. #Actnow and stay up to date in our community.

Facts & Figures
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I wish we would all treat Mother Earth the way she deserves to be treated, with kindness.
Malin | Switzerland
Facts & Figures

The bucket is almost full. We have only 9% of our global carbon budget left

Zero emissions day

Be a hero on Zero Emissions Day

This year, don’t just reduce your carbon footprint, remove it. Let's give the planet a day off by removing carbon dioxide from the air, permanently.

Your daily carbon footprint is partly determined by your location and is dependent on your lifestyle. Be a hero and bring your carbon footprint to zero.

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