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Join the fight against global warming

Climate science states we must reduce our emissions as much as possible and actively remove the rest with carbon dioxide removal.

Lead the race toward net zero

Our CO₂ removal solution is permanent, measurable, and scalable.

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Our carbon removal service for small - medium businesses who want to help the world reach net zero and support our scale-up.
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Our carbon removal service for enterprises seeking high-quality carbon removal for their net zero strategy and beyond.
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Our carbon removal service for individuals who want to reduce their impact on the planet and contribute to our scale-up.
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Many of the world’s top businesses partner with Climeworks on their journey to net zero

Corporate and climate-action leaders trust Climeworks to remove their unavoidable and historic emissions from the air. Their long-term commitments are critical in the scale-up of the direct air capture industry and demonstrate truly inspiring climate leadership.

First reduce, then remove

To mitigate climate change, we need all solutions to work together. We need both emissions reductions and the active removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in order to reach net zero emissions by mid-century. This is the most promising way to maximize our chances of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.



Our most urgent task is drastic emissions reductions. We must take immediate steps to reduce our carbon footprints, which will require significant commitments from businesses and governments worldwide as well as individual efforts.


We also need to actively remove unavoidable CO₂ (emissions that are extremely hard to avoid) and historic CO₂ (emissions accumulated over generations) from the atmosphere. Solutions like Climeworks are key for permanent carbon removal.

How your commitment helps fight decades of climate-changing carbon emissions

By purchasing carbon dioxide removal from Climeworks, you join a movement dedicated to fighting climate change. Your contribution removes unavoidable CO₂ that we can’t prevent with emissions reductions and historic CO₂ that’s been trapping warmth in our atmosphere for generations. But beyond this, you’ll also be contributing to the scale-up of the direct air capture industry, allowing us to build the capacity that science tells us we’ll need to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Watch the video below to learn more about how our technology works:

Why don’t we just plant more trees?

Firstly, planting and protecting trees is absolutely essential in the fight against climate change. Unfortunately, we’ve reached a point where trees alone aren’t enough because there’s too much CO₂ in our atmosphere. That’s why we need more trees and technologies like direct air capture.

Here's some more background:

  • We need afforestation, but it can't be scaled to the required levels as it demands far more land than we can possibly provide.

  • Human impact on our climate has led to droughts, wildfires, and deforestation, which have affected the reliability and durability of storage in trees and forests.

  • When a tree dies and begins to decay, the CO₂ it's collected is slowly and progressively released back into the atmosphere.

Still have questions?

  • Visit our purpose page to learn what motivates us and to follow our journey toward impact at scale.

  • Learn how our technology works and why it’s crucial in the fight against climate change.

  • Read about our recent successes in the news, including being named on the TIME100 Most Influential Companies list.

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