Make a one-off climate purchase

Become a Climate Pioneer and fight global warming by removing excess CO₂ from the air. Choose the one-time purchase level that best suits you and remove CO₂ to counteract your unavoidable emissions.

Frequently chosen one-off amounts

25 kg of CO₂ removal
25 kg of CO₂ removal
Permanently remove 25 kg of CO₂
50 kg of CO₂ removal
50 kg of CO₂ removal
Permanently remove 50 kg of CO₂
100 kg of CO₂ removal
100 kg of CO₂ removal
Permanently remove 100 kg of CO₂
Custom amount of CO₂ removal
Custom amount of CO₂ removal
Flexible to suit you: choose your amount, and individual or company removal here.

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The carbon footprint of traveling

In case you’re here to reduce the impact of your travels, we’ve gathered some typical examples of flight-based CO₂ emissions below. Flying has become quite a habit for many of us despite being one of the worst offenders for CO₂ emissions. Where possible, it’s always a good idea to opt for methods of travel that are gentler on the planet, such as trains or road trips. They might take more time than a flight, but why not take the scenic route and enjoy the environment you’re helping to protect?

Pink sky above the clouds – An example picture of a short haul flight producing 240kg CO2
Short haul flight:

Return trip New York to Boston (370mi/600km) 240kg CO₂

Elephants crossing a road – Example picture for a long haul flight producing 1,800kg of CO2
Long haul flight:

Return trip New York to London (6,800mi/11,000km) 1.800kg CO₂

A street driving towards mountains – an example picture for a car ride producing 69kg of CO2
Medium-distance car ride:

Return trip Seattle to Portland (350mi/560km) 69kg CO₂

Source for flights: Clever Carbon
Source for car: European Environment Agency

Other ways to take action with us

Become a Climate Pioneer and help us reach a net zero and stop global warming by removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Climeworks Mammoth, largest Direct Air Capture plant
A climate action plan
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Choose to remove CO₂ on a regular basis, monthly or yearly 
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Take a preset package or custom plan starting from 1€ upwards
Climeworks carbon dioxide removal ventilators stacked on top of each other
The gift of climate impact
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Fight climate change by giving the gift of CO₂ removal 
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Perfect for family, friends, partners or coworkers

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the climate action plan and the one-off climate purchase?
With the climate action plan, you choose to remove CO₂ on a regular basis, either monthly or yearly. With the one-off climate purchase, you remove CO₂ just once.

Do I get some sort of certificate?
Yes, you do! You’ll find your CO₂ removal order confirmation in your account as a PDF document. Here we state the amount of carbon dioxide ordered in your name. No one else can stake a claim to that amount.

How long does it take you to remove the CO₂?
Once you make your purchase, we’ll perform the CO₂ removal within 6 years or earlier, depending on our plants’ utilization and operation schedules.

Can I deduct the one-off purchase from tax?
Unfortunately, no. The purchase of Climeworks’ carbon dioxide removal services isn’t tax-deductible as a donation because Climeworks provides a service in return for payment and isn’t a charitable organization.

Still have questions?

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  • Learn how our technology works and why it’s crucial in the fight against climate change.
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  • Have a look at our FAQ if you have any more questions or contact us for support and we’ll get back to you right away.

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